Norwegian DNA Matchmaker Data Entry Form
Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Please be aware that your approval to the Norwegian DNA group may take 24 hours, and may take another 24 hours for your GEDmatch number to be added to the matchmaker database.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you even THINK that you have entered the kit you are trying to enter before and are doing it again "Just to make sure", do not enter it again. Contact me!!!!

Your GEDmatch or Genesis Kit Number. ONLY ONE KIT PER ENTRY. If you have multiple kit #s you would like to add, you MUST complete separate forms for each number! *
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Type your Facebook Name (Not the name assigned to the kit on GEDmatch; people can only tag you on FB using your existing FB name below) *
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Type the name of the person who tested, if different
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The Kit Number relationship to you - Mark One (use the Other option for anything not listed, cousin, aunt, uncle, other relative, etc.) Please make sure you are selecting the relationship to you, not your relationship to them! For example: John Smith is your Uncle, NOT You are the nephew of John Smith *
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