EZday B&B Reservation Inquiry Form (EZday民宿預約詢問表單)
Reservation will not be completed until we send you a confirmation. (預約後並收到確認通知才算完成訂房)
預定入住日期(Date of Accommodation) *
預計入住天數(Number of nights)
選擇房型(Chose the Room Type) *
各房型皆有獨立衛浴、冷氣、MOD電視、負離子吹風機、洗髮乳、沐浴乳、浴巾。Each Room includes bathroom、air conditioner、cable TV、dryer、shampoo、body wash、bath towel.
入住人數(NO. of Person) *
請輸入入住人數,含0~6歲兒童(不佔床清潔費200元)。Enter the number of people, including children under 6 years old(Children under 6 years old will be charge 200NT for clean fee, no Extra bed)
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交通方式(Transportation) *
民宿僅提供火車站、飛機場接送服務,並需於訂房時提出,臨時提出恕無法提供服務。We offer pick-up service between rail-way station(air-port) to B&B. Please inform us when you book the room. It's not available when no inform us in advance.
訂房者姓名 (Name of the booking guest) *
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聯絡方式 (Phone Number) *
請留聯絡電話,若無台灣行動電話號碼,請輸入Line或微信ID。Please key in your phone number. If you don't have a phone number, Please Key in "NO Phone Number", and leave other contact way if you have. e.g. Line or WeChat ID.
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電子信箱(E-mail ) *
請留下電子郵件信箱。Please leave your mail box address.
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其他需求或備註(Other requirement)
若您有車站、機場接送服務需求,或是套裝行程(賞鯨、泛舟、溯溪、獨木舟),票券(遠雄海洋公園、新光兆豐農場),請留言告知我們。If you have a need of pick-up service , or want to join some activities(wale watching, white water rifting, river trekking, canoeing), or tickets(Ocean park, Ranch), Please let us know in advance.
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