Fireweed Book Reading Evaluation
Please complete the following evaluation questions. By pushing "submit" at the bottom, you are sending feedback to the presenter and the training provider: Spirit of Faith Adoptions. Stacy Knox will review your answers and contact you if any additional information is needed. Ellie Hartford will provide you with the stipend reimbursement and your Certificate of Completion after your evaluation is marked as complete. Thank you!
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How has your perspective changed in fostering relationships with biological parents after reading this book? Give 3 examples of things you want to do. *
In the story, we see how impactful parental relationships are for children. Thinking of your own upbringing, how do the main character’s struggles for acceptance impact you personally and/or in your parenting? *
Imagine a biological mother who is living in severe poverty, with a limited support system, parenting a 1 year old and is 8 months pregnant with a child she is considering placing with an adoptive family, although she has not made her final decision yet. After reading Jennifer’s book, how can we respond in an empathetic way to this woman? *
Please rate this experience by checking the appropriate statement.
The level of material was appropriate *
The length of this book was appropriate for the number of training hours offered *
This training topic met my personal objectives/expectations *
The content increased my knowledge and skills *
The information provided will be useful to me *
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