Become a Hipcamp Storyteller

Are you planning an epic backpacking trip, a car camping trip to a local Hipcamp, or just have something to say that no one else is saying? Can you give MacGuyver a run for his money with your camping hacks?

Share your story on the Hipcamp Journal! Here's what we're looking for:

• Local expertise and personal stories about the outdoors
• Local guides and how to's
• Lists! Ex: The 10 Best Places to Camp an Hour from San Francisco
• Personal Narratives

What you get:

• Published work with author byline in a beloved outdoor community resource
• A Hipcamp sticker and discount to book at a Hipcamp when you contribute your first Journal that is published
• That warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping other people get outside

Send all of your crazy, wild, and wonderful adventures to us here. We may not be able to respond to every story submission right away, but a Hipcamp editor will get back to you soon!

PST—If you have a camping recipe you'd like to share, submit it here: :)

Stay wild ✌️

Photo by Juliana Linder at Wild Tender, Pescadero, CA:

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