COVID-19 Impact assessment
CCY is tirelessly advocating for the inclusion of California's vulnerable youth populations in legislative efforts surrounding COVID-19 relief. Please complete this survey that will inform advocacy.
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In what cities or counties do you support young people experiencing homelessness?
What measures have you/ your agency already taken in response to COVID-19?
Please estimate any change (or anticipated changes) in revenue your organization has experienced as a result of COVID-19:
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If applicable, how long would it take for your agency to see significant negative impacts, such as layoffs or temporary or permanent closure?
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Has COVID-19 impact personnel/hiring decisions?
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For the next three questions, please rate the following opportunities/challenges
Employee availability (i.e. workers unavailable due to illness, isolations, childcare, or other)
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Uncertainty/Inability to plan
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Cashflow - concern over ability to pay costs such as salaries, rent, and other business expenses?
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Other Needs - such as regulatory barriers or relief needed (Please Specify)
Please, List any programs you have to scale back or close due to COVID-19.
Add any other comments about disruptions, challenges, or changes in your business due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Your response is essential to CCY's efforts to make sure youth have what they need by making sure the providers have what they need to keep their doors open.

We wish you safety and health.
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