WatStory Writing and Blogging Internships
Your Role
You will be interning as a blogger/writer and contribute your own original stories to the specific Publication you are interning with. You are free to intern and write stories on WatStory even outside the purview of your chosen Publication.

Your Reward
1. Get a Certificate of Experience highlighting your contributions
2. Enhance your creative skills and build your portfolio by writing about things you are passionate about across genres and language (You own the copyright to the content you create)
3. Build your own following and readership
4. Learn how a digital publication is run

Duration & Completion Criteria
Duration of the internship will be 3 Months. You are expected to submit one article/ story a week so as to have a minimum of 12 stories at end of your internship. Once you meet the completion criteria, send an email to interns@watstory.com with a link to your WatStory Profile in the email to get your Certificate.

WatStory is a free to use writing and reading community. You can continue to write on WatStory as you please even after completing this internship. You can even request for your own publication.

* This internship has no stipend or direct monetary component. But, you retain rights to what you create and are free to use it anywhere as you like.

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Prior Writing Samples
Provide URL/ Internet Location of your previous writing like on your blog, newspapers, publications etc. If you don't have any prior writing you can write on WatStory and share your WatStory profile here
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