The Machines Arena - Alpha test
Thank you for your interest in The Machines Arena alpha test.

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The alpha test is only for people aged 16 years or older.

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By agreeing to the NDA you are agreeing that you will not, without the consent of Directive Games, talk about any information regarding The Machines Arena, its design and performance specifications, its code, and the existence of the test and its results to anyone other than Directive Games and its employees that are performing the testing. This also includes to the sharing of screenshots, recorded video, live streaming or any other form of public sharing on social media applications or the internet in general. You cannot copy any portion of software or documentation, except to the extent necessary to perform testing; or reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble software or any portion of it.
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In order to be eligible to participate in the alpha test you need to accept Directive Games Limited privacy policy.
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