Game Previews
We at the CR do *NOT* charge for previews as we don't want to be put in a position to focus on any criteria besides the game itself. However, we do have the following criteria for looking at your game:

1a. If we find the game favorable, a link to the preview must be posted and remain on your campaign's main page. You are free to use any excerpts or pull quotes from the article you wish to accompany it.

1b. Unless the preview goes up more than 2 hours after the campaign launch, the preview *must* be among the first 3 billings / listing spots of all the campaign's previews (be they written, audio, or video). This includes whether previews are spaced out among the campaign page or as part of a "Reviews" section, whichever is more applicable.

2. We would expect a review copy if the product is completed, delivered at the same time as campaign backers.

3. Under normal circumstances, we require a minimum of 1 month lead time with the prototype prior to the campaign's launch. (Generally, the longer lead time, the better.)

That's it! See? It's not that scary.


A note about charges:
While it's true we are steadfast about not charging for previews and do this service as fans of the hobby, it takes a lot of time and work on our parts. So, if you happen to like what we do, consider helping us out on our Patreon page (

**This is 100% optional and has no bearing on how we look at the game.**

Our only request is to wait until the article is posted before doing so to avoid unintended bias.


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