2020 AFA CyberCamp Instructor / Staff
The Air Force Association has announced that the 2020 Air Force Association CyberCamp will be available virtually. For more details, please reference the following post: https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/Pages/Announcements/COVID-19-Update-2020-AFA-CyberCamps.aspx

For more information about the curriculum of a CyberPatriot CyberCamp, please see the following: https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/afa-cybercamps/getting-started/afa-cybercamp-overview

Group 2 will be hosting AFA CyberCamps this summer and will allow enrollment by cadets throughout California Wing. To best support this activity, we need to have a minimum instructor-to-cadet ratio of 1 instructor to 10 students for a basic camp and 1 instructor to 5 students for an advanced camp.

In order to have a vibrant camp, we need to enlist as many instructors as possible.
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15-19 June
20-24 July
Which parts of these days will you be available?
Each day will consist of a full day of instruction for cadets, but we can elect to have a flexible schedule. For example, if some of our instructors are only available on evenings, we might schedule one of the blocks to be during evening hours
What roles can you fill?
The teaching materials will be provided by the Air Force Association / CyberPatriots. You will be given an opportunity to review the teaching materials ahead of time. You'll also be asked to answer questions from students and help step through various scenarios.
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