Recruitment Survey for Online Studies (parents of minors)
Thank you for your interest in the Hartley Lab! As a participant, your child (3-17 years old) would be invited to complete online studies that help us understand how children and teens learn and make decisions. All participants receive an Amazon gift card as compensation for each study they complete.

Please fill out the survey below if you and your child are interested in participating. Many of our studies have specific eligibility requirements. This survey will help us determine which studies your child is eligible for.

Once you share this information, we will contact you with invitations for your child to take part in specific studies. In those invitations, we will describe what your child would do in each study, and how much compensation they would receive. You and your child are free to decide which studies you want to participate in.

If you have multiple children who are interested in participating, please complete this survey for each of your children.

Note: If your child is 18 or over, please have them fill out the adult online study sign-up:
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Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia)? :
Has your child been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder (e.g. autism, tic disorder)?:
Has your child been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder (e.g. anxiety, depression, OCD)?:
The following questions are optional, but will further help us determine what studies your child may be eligible for.
What zip code do you and your child live in?:
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What country do you and your child live in?:
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What is your child’s native language?:
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What is the highest level of education completed by your child's parent(s)?:
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Thank you for completing our survey. We will be in touch when we have an online study available for your child!
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