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Bowties and Blue are proud to offer an apprenticeship program for aspiring circus artists in New York City. Open to circus students under the age of 21 and older artists from nontraditional disciplines (i.e. athletes, breakers, martial artists, etc who would like to explore the circus arts), this apprenticeship provides education, training, and a solid foundation to foster a sustainable career. The purpose of the program is to establish mentorship between new artists and seasoned professionals to guide informed career decisions.

The program offers training in rigging safety, logistical guidance through insurance, marketing, self advocacy in booking, and apparatus-specific skills. Apprentices will be expected to participate fully developing their artistic identity and pursuing a career in circus arts. They will be required to have a weekly meeting to discuss goals. Apprentices will also keep a training log describing progress towards these goals. This log will have sections for marketing, performance, training, safety, and commentary. Apprentices who perform will be required to have liability insurance, for which there may be financial aid available. It is our hope to nurture the next generation of circus artists and enrich the discipline. To be considered for an apprenticeship position, please fill out the form below.

There are no fees associated with participation, save those of an internet connection and travel. We will consider digital applicants but priority will be given to local students. The program will last 3-4 months, with the opportunity to renew following the apprenticeship period. There will be two slots available per term (beginning quarterly. We will consider applicants from all disciplines.
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