Fair Museum Jobs Careers Summit Expressions of Interest
This form will be used to capture details of people who might be interested in participating in the Fair Museum Jobs Careers Summit in November 2020.

Any details captured by this form will be used to help the Fair Museum Jobs team plan, deliver and evaluate the programme. We will use the details to contact you, and they may need to be supplied to GEM to organise payments or to put you in touch with other participants in the same session beforehand e.g. to send round question topics to panellists. Before passing on any of your details we will confirm this with you.

Please consult our blog about the Summit for more information including a list of the types of sessions we have already identified wanting to offer: https://fairmuseumjobs.org/2020/09/25/announcing-the-fair-museum-jobs-careers-summit-2020/

The form is in 2 parts - firstly to record who you are and how you might be interested in participating in the event, and secondly to capture some personal details so that we can ensure we are representing the widest view of the museum/heritage sector workforce.
Name *
Email address *
What is your current job role? If the title isn't obvious, please describe briefly what you do! *
If applicable - where do you work? If you have more than one place of work, please list both. If you are a freelancer or business owner, please specify. *
What topics would you be interested in contributing on? A list of our current ideas for sessions is available here: https://bit.ly/2RDElix *
What type of sessions would you be most interested in contributing to? *
Please indicate your preferred days/times to participate
Early morning (7-9am)
Morning (9am-12pm)
Afternoon (12-4pm)
Early evening (4-6pm)
Evening (6-8pm)
Would your organisation support you in participating in the summit? *
With the support of Art Fund, we are able to pay a limited number of honorariums to individual speakers (£200)/panellists (£50) who would be financially disadvantaged by taking part in the summit, with preference given to those who are not supported by their organisation to take part. Please indicate here if this would apply to you. *
If you require any additional support to fully participate in a session, please let us know here:
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