ADD YOUR NAME: Letter to Art and Cultural Institutions: Repudiate MAGA's White Supremacist US-Mexico Border Wall Prototypes as "Art"
Updated February 8, 2018: The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego has been removed from this letter following their public statement.

February 6, 2018

Violence and art have never been strangers. There are countless ways Contemporary Art colludes with power structures. Whether in the relationships built between galleries and developers, or arts funding institutions that rely on resource extraction and labor exploitation, Contemporary Art is not exempt from power and its abuse, and often reinforces it.

Today’s example is Christoph Büchel’s petition, which he deems a tongue-in-cheek “art world critique” by demanding the protection of eight prototypes for the wall marking the border between the United States and Mexico as “national monuments.” The artist has also offered $20 tours of the prototypes, sponsored by his nonprofit called MAGA (a reference to Make America Great Again). On January 29th, Hauser & Wirth—a self-described “leading international contemporary and modern art gallery with spaces in Zurich, London, Somerset, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Gstaad”—uncritically posted the promotional video of the wall-prototype tours on their Instagram and Twitter feeds, referring the viewers to the MAGA website and thereby condoning the artist’s work.

Büchel’s petition, The New York Times’ coverage of it, and Hauser & Wirth’s promotion of the tour, make blatant the failures of Contemporary Art: concerned more with spectacle and irony than critically dismantling oppressive structures that undermine the lives of the most vulnerable. The simple fact that these border wall prototypes—symbols and tools of the white supremacist “Make America Great Again” campaign—can so easily be co-opted into the language of Contemporary Art—as “sculpture,” “land art” or “minimalism”—shows how Contemporary Art is no force in opposition to power and its abuse. Not only do Christoph Büchel, Michael Walker (of the New York Times) and Hauser & Wirth Gallery fail at critique, they reinforce the use of art to euphemize and aestheticize state violence, and mock the lived experiences of those most affected by that violence.

We, the signatories of this letter, want to say it loud and clear that nothing about a xenophobic and white supremacist project, artifact, wall or building should ever be spectacularized and promoted by artists or arts institutions. We know that art institutions have not historically been sites of revolt or resistance. There are cumulative and complex ways in which art institutions and contemporary artworkers are complicit in holding up the oppressive status quo. Yet the support and promotion of violent, white supremacist art is an unacceptable act of violence in itself. Institutions have power, and power requires responsibility. We are deeply affected by, and therefore attentive to, how our institutions position themselves in response to the atrocities of our times, and we are committed to the labor of holding them accountable.

We call on all art institutions to actively shift the status quo of complicity, to work against the promotion of white supremacy by joining us in repudiating these prototypes as "Art". Additionally, we demand an apology from Hauser & Wirth for their promotion of fascism, not as absolution, but as the first step towards reparations. Until then, we, the signatories of this letter, are calling for a boycott of Hauser & Wirth. As writers, we refuse to report on, or write about their exhibitions; as editors we refuse to solicit writing on their shows; as artists we refuse to visit their galleries; as art advisors and curators we refuse to patronize these institutions and will advise our clients to do the same. We, the undersigned, refuse to support Hauser & Wirth for their support, promotion and facilitation of a distasteful and violent project sponsored by a white supremacist group.

We call upon artists and cultural workers to join us in our stance by adding your signature.

Sasha Ali, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles
Morehshin Allahyari, artist & activist, NYC
Kyle Bellucci Johanson, artist, Chicago
Dan Bustillo, artist & writer, Los Angeles
Aleesa Cohene, artist, Los Angeles
Jenna Crowder, artist & editor, Portland, Maine
Niloufar Emamifar, artist, Los Angeles
Arshia Haq, artist, Los Angeles
Taraneh Hemami; artist, educator, activist, SF
Maryam Hosseinzadeh, cultural worker & tour organizer, Los Angeles
Andre Keichian, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Shirin Khalatbari, artist, Berkeley
Gelare Khoshgozaran, artist & writer, Los Angeles
Matthew Lax, artist & curator, Los Angeles
Nazafarin Lotfi, artist & educator, Tucson
Alli Miller, artist, Los Angeles
Alexis Mitchell, artist, Berlin
Nooshin Rostami, artist & educator, New York
Maybe Jairan Sadeghi, artist & registered nurse, Pittsburgh
Oscar Miguel Santos, artist & educator Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
Jimena Sarno, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Joshua Smith, artist, Los Angeles
Penelope Uribe-Abee, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Myriam Vanneschi, art advisor & curator, Geneva, Switzerland
Samira Yamin, artist, Los Angeles
Carol Zou, cultural worker, Philadelphia


Additional signatures as of March 13, 2018, 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST. Submitted signatures will be formatted and approved by a moderator, and updated daily.

Hailey Loman, director, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles
Jonathan Molina-Garcia, artist & new media professor, Dallas
Dee Lara, cultural worker, Fort Worth
Badly Licked Bear, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Christina Ramirez, artist, Dallas
Erich Wise, artist, Pomona
Amanda Choo Quan, artist & writer, Los Angeles
William Sarradet, writer, Dallas
gloria galvez, artist & activist, Los Angeles
Artemisa Clark, artist, Los Angeles
Angela Faz, artist, Dallas
Christy Roberts Berkowitz, cultural worker & educator, Los Angeles
Michal Kamran, artist & organizer, Los Angeles
Alan Nakagawa, artist, Los Angeles
Weston Teruya, artist, Oakland
Weng San Sit, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Bean Gilsdorf, artist, writer & editor, San Francisco
Jessica Lynne, critic & arts worker, Brooklyn
Devin Kenny, artist, Houston
Hyunjee Nicole Kim, writer, Los Angeles
Tracee Johnson, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Toro Castaño, docent, California African American Museum, Los Angeles
Lora Lode, artist & educator, Chicago
Zoetina Veal, christian & artist, Dallas
Steven L. Anderson, artist & gallery director, Atlanta
Julio Salgado, undocumented visual artist, Los Angeles
Emmanuel Ramos, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Jessica Ceballos, writer, artist & activist, Los Ángeles
Rachel Schloss, university student, New York City
Amy MacKay, artist, Los Angeles
Marco Vera, visual artist & educator, Mexicali/Los Angeles
Polina Teif, artist, Toronto
Avelardo Ibarra, artist, East Los Angeles
Isa Knafo, Oakland
Matthew Kosinski, poet, Jersey City
Neda Moridpour, faculty, SMFA at Tufts University, Boston
Claudia Shao, filmmaker, Providence
Carmen Argote, artist, Los Angeles
Meagan Thompson, contract educator, Montana Arts Council & photographer, Butte
Caitlin Berrigan, artist & professor, New York City
Sara Brooks, New York
Kim Zumpfe, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Darryl Ratcliff, artist & writer, Dallas
Kean OBrien, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Noa Bronstein, curator, Toronto
Daniela Cruz, artist, Dallas
Nicole Killian, artist & educator, Richmond
Amy Bouse, artist & educator, Inglewood
Sarah Gonzales, artist & educator, Tucson
Natalie Hon, artist, Los Angeles
Debra Scacco, artist & program director, Los Angeles
Lena Schloss, student, New York City
Allison Wyper, artist, Los Angeles
Paul Mpagi Sepuya, artist & teacher, Los Angeles
Anuradha Vikram, artistic director, 18th Street Arts Center
Scott Gengelbach, artist, San Diego
Tanya Brodsky, artist, Los Angeles
Laurie Young, artist & researcher, Toronto/Berlin
Allie Ihm
Amber Hunnicutt, Brooklyn
Dennis Cao, musician & engineer, Los Angeles
Jennifer Meridian, JM Design Studio, Pittsburgh
PJ Gubatina Policarpio, arts worker, San Francisco
Rachel Higgins, artist, Los Angeles
Melanie Griffin, artist & organizer, Los Angeles
Julie Libersat, artist & educator, Denton
Margie Schnibbe, artist, Los Angeles
Marina Reyes Franco, curator, San Juan
Phoebe Unter, artist, Los Angeles
Hugo Cervantes Flores, writer, Los Angeles
Renan Machado, artist & designer, New York City
Rafa Esparza, artist, Los Angeles
Veronique d'Entremont, artist & teacher, Los Angeles
Soyoung Shin, artist, Los Angeles
Arely Villegas, writer, Los Angeles
Dawn Ertl, artist, Los Angeles
Kara McLeod, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Cara Megan Lewis, artist & curator, Los Angeles
Audrey Chan, artist, Los Angeles
Marcos Solano, student, Los Angeles
Miranda Javid, artist, Los Angeles
Neha Choksi, artist & writer, Los Angeles & Mumbai
Grace Ndiritu, artist, Brussels
Evelena Ruether, artist, curator & studio manager, Los Angeles
Susanna Battin, artist, Los Angeles
Dorit Cypis, artist, educator & mediator, Los Angeles
Fred Villanueva, artist, Ash Studios, Dallas, TX
Arianne Alizio, artist & retail manager of Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles
Arianne Aquino, pre-med student, Olympia
Creighton Paecht Baxter, artist, Los Angeles
Ellen Schafer, artist, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Preger, artist & educator, Los Angeles City College and CalArts
Chelsea Soby, filmmaker, Brooklyn
Yomahra Aquino, artist, Los Angeles
Stephen van Dyck, artist & writer, Los Angeles
Brittany Ko, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Brandon Shimoda, poet, Tucson
Max Flick, artist, Los Angeles
Trevor Neuhoff, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Sara Margarita Martín
Jibade-Khalil Huffman, artist, New York
Carole Silverstein, artist, Los Angeles
Jemimah Barba, Fresno
Kiriko Kajiwara, Los Angeles
Alejandra Paz, artist, El Salvador
Haley Bueschlen, artist & educator, New York
Nancy Popp, artist, Los Angeles
Dicky Bahto, artist, Los Angeles
Yen Ni Noon Tran, artist, Los Angeles
Bevon St. Louis-Brewster
Ashley Moody, designer, Richmond
Tyler Matthew Oyer, artist, Los Angeles
Hatuey Ramos-Fermin, artist, New York City
Vanessa Kowalski, curator & artist, Helsinki
Shannon Ferguson, artist, Johannesburg
Maymanah Farhat, writer & curator, New York
Emily Schnellbacher, artist, Royal Oak
Fritzie Brown, artist & retired cultural worker, New York City
Linda B Horn, artist, Spencertown
Susan Corrado Goldberg, artist, Boca Raton
Laura Crary, art historian, Clinton
Andy Johnson, art historian, curator & arts writer, Washington, DC
Abou Farman, New School, New York
Vicki Meek, artist, activist, curator & Alternate Roots member, Dallas
Sydney Croskery, artist, Los Angeles
Victoria Lansford, artist & educator, Atlanta
Jacob Breck, cartoonist, Baltimore
Elyse Reardon-Jung, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Nat Baldwin, writer & musician, Portland
Julien Langevin, artist & writer, Portland
Leah Triplett Harrington, writer, editor & curator, Boston
Ian Alan Paul, Assistant Professor of Art, SUNY Stony Brook, Brooklyn
Amy Pick, Dorsky Museum, New Paltz
lauren woods, artist
Maya Gurantz, artist, Los Angeles
Pilar Tompkins Rivas, director, Vincent Price Art Museum
David Lovejoy, artist, Los Angeles
Lyndsay Knecht, arts writer & producer, Dallas
Christina Tonges Korn, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Cynthia Mulcahy, artist & curator, Dallas
Teresa Cisneros, The Showroom Gallery, London
Daniel Johnson, artist & CEO, Significant Developments, Jackson
Katelyn Patton, artist, Chicago
Angela Zonunpari, Writer, Sioux Falls
Christal Perez, artist & performance studies researcher, Los Angeles
Terri Lloyd, artist, Los Angeles
Athena Frances, artist, Pittsburgh
Laura Mohai, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Tai Cruz, artist & student, New York City
Julia Morandeira, curator, Madrid
Ekrem Serdar, curator, Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center, Buffalo
Pedro Oliveira, artist, researcher & activist, Berlin
Yakira Teitel, physician & artist, San Francisco
Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez, artist & educator, Chicago
Ana Teresa Fernandez, artist & educator, San Francisco
Tamara Santibañez, artist, New York
Dorian Wood, artist, Los Angeles
Catherine Magee, artist and designer, San Francisco
Rose Salseda, art historian, Los Angeles
Stanya Kahn, artist
Lisa Luna, poet, South Gate
Ruben Zuñiga, artist & activist, Organica Creations, Los Angeles
Ivan Lozano, artist, Chicago
Kelsey Halliday Johnson, executive director, SPACE Gallery, Portland & Philadelphia
Theresa Sterner, artist, Los Angeles
Zoë Chan, curator, Vancouver
Liz Ensz, artist and educator, Chicago
laura c carlson, artist, Albuquerque
Kyle Goen, artist, Decolonize This Place, New York City
Scott J. Hunter, independent curator, Professor, University of Chicago, Chicago
Amy Fung, writer & organizer, Toronto
Jennifer Noland, artist & filmmaker, San Francisco
Jackson Beyda, artist, New York
Jonesy, artist, Los Angeles
Ana Lloyd, poet, Los Angeles
Selene Preciado, independent curator, Los Angeles
Sasha Bergstrom-Katz, artist, Los Angeles
Gosia Wojas, artist & curator, Los Angeles
Julie Tolentino, artist, Joshua Tree
Kiersten Fellrath, curator, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, New York
Carrie Perman, artist, Daytona Beach
Léopold Lambert, architect & editor, Paris
Karen Tongson, Associate Professor of English, Gender Studies, and American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
R.L. Gibson, professional artist, Gatlinbirg
Ethan McGinnis, artist & student, Irvine
Martha O'Connell, teaching artist, Philadelphia
Kathy Zarur, curator & educator, San Francisco
Juan Silverio, artist, Los Angeles
Jen Rabon, artist, Oakland
Alexandria Nicollette Cornejo, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Emily Jones, artist, Los Angeles
Kumi James, artist & cultural worker, Los Angeles
Phung Huynh, Associate Professor of Art at Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles
Søren Nilsson, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Nazish Chunara, artist, Los Angeles
Lainey Racah, poet & artist, Los Angeles
Fette Sans, artist, Berlin
Dana Funaro Hallonquist, Tanya Aguiñiga studio manager, Los Angeles
Kadie Brigham, patron of arts, Richmond
Toban Nichols, artist, Los Angeles
Rob Ray, artist, Los Angeles
Pascale Angelini, citizen of the world, Brussels
Shizu Saldamando, artist, Los Angeles
Toni-Marie Gallardo, H&W employee & invigilator, Los Angeles
Ceci Moss, curator/writer/educator, Los Angeles
Molly Walker, borderlands anthropologist & activist, El Paso
Angel Alvarado, artist, Los Angeles
Bryan Ortiz, artist & student, Columbus
Jennifer Moon, artist, Los Angeles
Gabrielle Moser, curator, Toronto
Jodi Chang, arts administrator, Los Angeles
Samantha Ilioski, tattoo artist, Montville
Erica Stephens, artist, Dallas
Kim Garcia, artist, Los Angeles
Chandler Moses, artist, New York City
Lucas Wrench, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa
Pamela Taite, family couple therapist, Portland
Melissa Osorio, Los Angeles
Jenny Yurshansky, artist, Los Angeles
Lucia Fabio, independent curator, Los Angeles
Ann Belden, artist, San Francisco
Laura Curry, artist & educator, The Americas
Roger Tilton, artist, Los Angeles
David Bell, Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles
Boyle Heights Alliance Against Artwashing and Displacement, Los Angeles
Laura Letinsky, professor, University of Chicago
Cara Erskine, artist, Pittsburgh
Anna-Claire Simpson, musician & educator, Turners Falls
Coltin Harder, activist & artist, El Centro
Carol Anne McChrystal, artist, Los Angeles
Jonatán López, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Jen D'Mello, artist, Los Angeles
Sara Benjamin Takacs, citizen & human, New Haven
Jasmine Guerrero, educator, Los Angeles
Jess V. Castillo, artist & cultural worker, Los Angeles
Isaac Ledesma, performance artist, activist & writer, Los Angeles
iiia anxelin eleuia xochipilli, performance artist, activist & writer, Los Angeles
Corinn Gerber, Toronto
Lane Goldszer, librarian, San Francisco
Tom Nguyen, EnClave.LA, Los Angeles
Dylan Young, artist, Austin
Cary Cronenwett, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Courtney Stephens, filmmaker & curator, Los Angeles
Selina Lee, artist, Atlanta
Shoghig Halajian, curator, Los Angeles
Lucia Farrow, student & artist, Los Angeles
Melinda Guillen, writer & organizer, San Diego
Anna Ialeggio, artist & builder, Los Angeles
Felix Ciprian, artist, New York
Tomorrow Girls Troop, artist group, worldwide
Joey Cannizzaro, artist & educator, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
Marcela Pardo Ariza, artist, curator, San Francisco
Suzanne Lloyd-Simmons, interior designer, Los Angeles
Dell Gibbs, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Faith Purvey, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Maria Molteni, artist, organizer & educator, Design Studio for Social Intervention & New Craft Artists in Action founder, Boston
A.L. Steiner
Ariana Carrion, chican@ student, San Diego
Dara Katrina Del Rosario, curator & educator, San Francisco
Rachel Yezbick, artist, Los Angeles
Daniel Fox Jr., musician & human being, Homosassa
Kim Ye, artist, Los Angeles
Dan Phiffer, artist & software developer, Troy
Jessica Buie, artist, San Diego
Anne O'Dell, cultural worker, Alexandria
Edie Fake, artist, Twentynine Palms
Joanna Swan, Los Angeles
Lucia Dill, artist, Tacoma
Julie Dickover, curator, St. Augustine
Renée Reizman, artist & curator, Los Angeles
Natalie Louise Mancillas, illustrator & student, City of Whittier
Sophia Garcia, artist & organizer, Los Angeles/New York
Tina Bluefield, artist, Joshua Tree
Audrey Leshay, artist, Los Angeles
Timo Saarelma, artist & photographer, Los Angeles
Delilah Gamson Levy, choreographer & student, Los Angeles
Pamela Moulton, artist, Portland
Carol Boram-Hays, artist & art historian, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus
Isabelle O'Donnell, artist, Portland
Nat May, director, Hewnoaks Artist Colony, South Portland
Elisabeth Nicula, artist, San Francisco
Miguel Arzabe, artist & educator, San Francisco
Camillia Shofani, event coordinator & MSc candidate, Los Angeles
Douglas W. Milliken, writer, Portland, Maine
Vanessa Whitehead, illustrator, Las Vegas
Moj Mehr-Assa, writer, Los Angeles
Juliette Rivalouise Allen, teacher, Watertown
Nima Esmailpour, art historian & educator, Montreal
Hester Coucke, curator, The Arts Center, Corvallis
Gabriel Brenner, artist & musician, Orange County & Los Angeles
Michael Tomeo, writer, New York City
Jennifer Doyle, board member, Human Resources, Los Angeles
Alberto Jacinto, student, Washington, D.C.
Michele Jaquis, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Siobhan Hebron, artist, Los Angeles
Luke Turner, artist, London
Vivian Sming
MW Cartozian Wilson, writer, Los Angeles
Judi Miller, artist, Nederland
Humberto Jardón, visual artist, CDMX
Marianne Manuel, educator, Los Angeles
Andrew Guenther, artist, New York
Emily Marchand, artist, Los Angeles
Savannah Wood
Xandra Ibarra, artist, Oakland
Chris Oatey, artist, Denver
Lauriane Theis, student, France
Ruth Susen Riley, artist, Newburyport
Anne Marie Purkey Levine, public art & exhibition manager, Portland
Edwin Peel, artist, New York City
Blaze Russell, artist, Los Angeles
Amanda Estrada, artist, Los Angeles
Priscilla Silva, art history student, Tijuana
Jason Lipow, artist, Boston
Lizzy Blasingame, artist, Oakland
Akiko Ichikawa, artist, activist, & arts writer, New York City
Raymond Chavez, artist, Los Angeles
Calum Craik, artist, San Francisco
Veronica A. Perez, artist & educator, Westbrook
Alison Starr, artist & college gallery director, Dallas
Mitchell Rasor, MRLD principal, Portland & Basel
Oscar Tuazon, artist, Los Angeles
Hataya Tubtim, artist, educator & cultural worker, Los Angeles
Javier Fresneda, rheologist, San Diego
Dianna Frid, artist, Chicago
Esperanza Sanchez, curator, educator & historian, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Los Angeles
Shia Labeouf, performer, Los Angeles
Jared Baxter, curator & writer, Los Angeles
Willi Singleton, potter, artist & teacher, Kempton
Jenna Meacham, artist, San Francisco
Nalini Elias, Education programs coordinator, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach
Selene dePackh, writer & illustrator, Pittsburgh
Meital Yaniv, artist & writer, Los Angeles
Sara Solaimani, PhD candidate, San Diego
Shellie Zhang, artist, Toronto
Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Ev Echovia, artist & curator, Joshua Tree
Erin M. Curtis, senior curator, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Los Angeles
Andrew Bruntel, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Charity Hunter, interior designer, Costa Mesa
Asuka Lin, student & artist, Los Angeles
Kimberli Meyer, director, Los Angeles
Ali Kheradyar, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Susannah Magers, curator & writer, Oakland
Ad Minoliti, artist, Buenos Aires
Johanna Breiding, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Lourdes Correa-Carlo, New York
Colin Tucker, artist & curator, Buffalo
Joseph Daniel Valencia, curatorial assistant, Vincent Price Art Museum
Michael G. Bauer, artist, LMFT, Los Angeles
Caleb Salgado, musician & writer, NYC/Berlin
Mark Golamco, artist, Los Angeles
Milena Byrnes-Flores, poet & artist, Los Angeles
Raul Baltazar, xicanx artist, Los Angeles
Itza Vilaboy, library staff & writer, San Diego
Sally Glass, artist, Los Angeles
Rachel Mason, artist, UCLA, Los Angeles
somethingbode, artist, Los Angeles
Maricela Rodríguez, chicana, San Diego
Kajsa Dahlberg, artist & researcher, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
Sam Shoemaker, artist, Los Angeles
Bill Kelley Jr, art historian, Los Angeles
Opal Grace Jones, artist, Montpelier
Suzy Halajian, curator, Los Angeles
Dina Apple, dance artist, San Diego
Avila Reese, artist, Santa Rosa
Nuit Banai, art historian, Vienna
Jenn Corey, human rights investigator, Portland
Christian Vasquez, filmmaker, Dallas
Jayne Wilkinson, curator & writer, Toronto
Xander Marro, arts administrator, Providence
Carolyn Castaño, artist, Los Angeles
James Chute, artist, Freeport
Gary Dauphin, writer, Los Angeles
Dana Berman Duff, artist, Los Angeles
Jonathan Ostrowsky, writer, Boston
Nathalie Sánchez, visitor engagement supervisor, MOCA, Los Angeles
Holly M. Crawford, artist & museum worker, Los Angeles
Michelle Wilson, artist, Oakland
Lorelei Stewart, curator, Chicago
Shaghayegh Cyrous, artist & activist, San Francisco
Jak Ritger, artist, Boston
Illia Barger, artist, Stockton
Susan Canning, critic & independent curator. New York
Erica Moore, consultant, Los Angeles
Xavier Cerrilla, designer & educator, Los Angeles
Mireya Lucio, artist, Los Angeles
Eric Hahn, student, Irvine
Amanda Boulos, artist, Toronto
Tricia Middleton, artist, Montréal
Ireland Wisdom, painter, Los Angeles
Cedric Tai, artist & critic, Detroit
Carmen Amengual, artist, Los Angeles/Buenos Aires
Christian L. Frock, writer & public scholar, San Leandro
Ian Rosenzweig, writer/photographer/art historian, Los Angeles
Catherine Tedford, gallery director, Canton
Andrew Freire, artist, Los Angeles
Carrie Morton, artist & educator, Austin
Zhiwan Cheung, artist, Pittsburgh
Mosco Uno, painter, New York City
John Pluecker, writer & artist, Houston
Dorota Biczel, art historian & curator, Houston
Christine Neill, artist, Professor, MICA, Baltimore
Juan Manuel Portillo, Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
Jacquelyn Davis, writer & curator, Stockholm
Raul Zamudio, independent curator & writer, New York City
Michelle Tovar, Associate Director of Education, Holocaust Museum, Houston
Sin Huellas Artist Collective, Houston
taisha paggett, artist and educator, Riverside
Jennie Jieun Lee, artist, Los Angeles
Monica Westin, art writer &critic, San Francisco
Cedar Winlove, artist, Auckland
Darin Allen Bauer, Renaissance Person, Berkeley
Thea Quiray Tagle, scholar & independent curator, Seattle
Diego del Valle Ríos, editor of Terremoto, Mexico City
Lorena Mancilla Corona, PhD student, UC Berkeley
Akua Carson, musician, Los Angeles
Blanca Parra, docente, investigador, Leon Guanajuato Mexico
Xandra Eden, Director, DiverseWorks, Houston
Cynthia Tovar, registrar, Los Angeles
Jena Lee, art appraiser & consultant, Los Angeles
Edgar Fabián Frías, brujx, Los Angeles
Scott Volz, Ph.D. student, Long Beach
Jennifer Gardner, Deputy Director, DiverseWorks, Houston
Alexandria Hollyridge, artist, Los Angeles
Andrea Wasse, songwriter & singer, Los Angeles
Maria Montserrat Kevan, writer, New York
Ariadna Ramonetti, art curator, Mexico
Teresa Van Etten, artist, activist & indivisible, Mohawk Valley, Utica
Gita, alternative musician, Los Angeles
Linda Flores, retired, Santa Fe Springs
Joe Riley, artist, New York
Christine Donley, artist, San Francisco
Harper Brokaw-Falbo, writer & non-profit admin, San Francisco
Kei Ota, artist & educator, New York
Kimberly, artist, California
Alejandro T. Acierto, artist & musician, Chicago
Christine Gorospe, artist, Los Angeles
Jeanette Arella, art educator & artist, Milwaukee
Yann Novak, artist, Los Angeles
Kat Ball, artist & Hauser&Wirth employee, Los Angeles
Molly Larkey, artist, Los Angeles
J. Morrison, artist, Brooklyn
Claire M Massey, PhD student, Greifswald
S. Mendelsohn, artist, San Diego
Hanieh Khatibi, artist, Los Angeles
Leona Johnson, photographer, Los Angeles
Alana Lake, artist & curator, GSL Projekt, Berlin
Aram Han Sifuentes, artist, Chicago
Danielle Dean, artist, Detroit
- HERA, artist, Woodstock
Cheryl Derricotte, artist, San Francisco
Kacie Lyn Martinez Kocher, artist & systems designer, New York
Cristina Lugo, community organizer, Los Angeles
Warren Wilkins, graphic designer & writer, Seattle
Kenneth H. Torp, retired US diplomat, Seattle
Cristina Viti, translator, London
Ofelia Faz-Garza, mama, poet & cultural worker, Dallas
Kelly Burke, artist, MICA, Baltimore
Jack Mackie, civic artist, Seattle
Macarena Rioseco, visual artist & academic, Santiago
Sheena Hoszko, artist, Montreal, Canada
Matt Savitsky, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Kate McBride, social media and digital content manager, Boston
Peter Reiquam, artist, Seattle
Nicholas Arehart, artist & software developer, Los Angeles
Malcolm Donaldson, musician, New York
Elizabeth Vazquez, artist, Los Angeles
Lynn Di Nino, artist, Tacoma
mads le, writer & artist, Los Angeles
Markus Lingnau, street photographer, Düsseldorf
Jeffrey L Bland, artist, Charlottesville
Keaton Fox, artist, Cambridge
Nic Rossouw, human, Seattle and South Africa
Eva Fayman, Los Angeles
Ellen Ziegler, artist & curator, Seattle
Christopher L. Spivey, artist & designer, Seattle
Kathryn Rickards, preservice artist-educator, Richmond
Dominique Cooper, textile artist, Bethesda
James Hoff, Artist, New York
Rene Peralta, architect & educator,Tijuana
Olivia Leiter, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Sophia Berman, artist, Los Angeles
Maurizio Cattelan, artist, New York City
Danny Park, artist, Los Angeles
Martha Abbene, graphic artist
Daniela Lieja Quintanar, curator, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles
Devin Long, painter, Baltimore
Eunice Lee, Program Coordinator, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Ángeles
Ligeia Gorre, Arts Manager, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles
Dorothy R. Santos, PhD Student, UC Santa Cruz, San Francisco
Pam Beyette, artist, Seattle
Yasmine Diaz, artist, Los Angeles
Michaela Bathrick, artist, Los Angeles
Christina Bechstein, artist & educator, Maine
Don Chow, artist
Ken Ehrlich, artist, Los Angeles
Ian Webb, former Hauser & Wirth employee, Los Angeles
Erin Fleming, SFMOMA Content Producer, San Francisco
Brent Armendinger, poet & professor at Pitzer College, Los Angeles
Alison Cooley, writer & curator, Toronto
Alicia C Smith, artist, El Centro
Amia Yokoyama, artist, Los Angeles, CA
Mo Kong, artist, New York
Lizbeth Vélez, writer & theater producer, Puerto Rico
Cheryl Meeker, artist, San Francisco
Andrea Franco, artist, Los Angeles
Finn Schult, artist & independent curator, Naples
Lauren Lim, artist, Los Angeles
Molly Colleen O'Connell, artist & educator, Chicago
Matt Wrbican, chief archivist (retired) The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
Chad Carr, Hauser and Wirth invigilator, Los Angeles
Patricia Ritacca, curator & educator
Jane Harms, artist & worker, Vancouver
Nuttaphol Ma, artist, Santa Fe
Tara O'Gorman, artist, Newbury Park
Baxter Koziol, artist, Portland
Harry Davies, artist, New York
Emily Percival, artist, Portland
Jesus de Francisco, artist & filmmaker, Los Angeles
Carolina Caycedo, artist, Los Angeles
Ingrid Hernandez, visual artist, Tijuana
Beatriz Simonsohn, artist, New York
Cecile Forman, artist, San Francisco
Lisa Downey, artist & writer, Boston
Amy Wong, artist & educator, Toronto
Erica Rochelle, artist, New York City
Carol Brighton, paper & printmaker, Berkeley
mary risala laird, artist, Berkeley
Lois Cantor, artist, Berkeley
Leslie Patterson Werner, artist, Oakland
Sylvia Sussman, artist & educator, Berkeley, CA
Tom Leech, curator & printer, Santa Fe
Anastasia Tuazon, writer & arts organizer, New York City
Nancy McKay, artist, Oakland
Joyce Fernandes, artist & cultural worker, Chicago
Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera, artist, Los Angeles
Pat Hayashi, painter & printmaker, Oakland
Sonia Gill, artist, Berkeley
Karla Ekatherine Cansceo, art worker, Los Angeles
Emily Butts, student, Austin
Soledad Salamé, artist and art educator
Mario Mesquita, artist & educator, Education Manager, MCASD, San Diego
Kathleen Samuel, student, Rowan University, Glassboro
Andrew Scott, student, Los Angeles
Adam Lacanilao, artist, Hauser & Wirth Invigilator, Los Angeles
Theo Croker, musician, Los Angeles
Brian Tran, writer, Los Angeles
Thomas Dziedzic, artist, Los Angeles
Seth Camp, artist, San Francisco
Avery Everhart, student, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Adam Rice, Los Angeles
Ryan Hawk, artist, curator & educator, Austin
Robbie Brannigan, artist, Los Angeles
Meg Duffy, sonic artist, Los Angeles
Luke Mannarino, artist & facilitator, New York City
Paul DeRuvo, Associate Printer, Norwalk
Theodore Tinnell, educator, Denver
Allison Matherly, artist, Miami
John Syzonenko, artist, Boston
Kylar Loya, artist, Los Angeles
Camilla Kim, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Maggie Cavallo, Curator, Boston
Thomas White, artist, Lancaster
Michaela Robertson, artist, Lancaster
Lousana Campagna, arts advocate, Bainbridge Island
Betty Marín, cultural worker, Los Angeles
Bridgette Kelly, artist & educator, Portland
Miller Robinson, artist, Los Angeles
Alexandra Wiesenfeld, artist & educator, Los Angeles
Leah Patgorski, artist & designer, Pittsburgh
George Luna-Peña, East Los Angeles
Evita Cortez, artist, Dallas
Nathaly Medina, law student & activist, Los Angeles
Jeffrey Maurer, Los Angeles
Tatiana Brown, Gardena
Saila Reyes, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Casey Modderno, director, Los Angeles
Rosalee Bernabe, artist, Los Angeles
Philip Nisco, freelance creative, Los Angeles
Becca Park, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Diana Lozano, artist, New York City
Gerin del Carmen, filmmaker, Los Angeles
Daniel Mehrian, writer, Los Angeles
Alexandra Galvis, filmmaker, Brooklyn
Guiyoung Hwang, artist, Seoul
Ellie Parker, filmmaker, New York City
Jillian Brenner, student and former Hauser & Wirth intern, San Diego
Jessica Lopez, artist & gallery attendant, Los Angeles
Claudia Borgna, artists, Los Angeles
Jin Hee Leeza Lee, artist, Seattle
Ava Ansari, founder, poetic societies, Detroit
Wendy Valdez, performance artist, Los Angeles
Riya Hamid, artist, Berlin
Jemimah Barba, founder, Laguna Collective, Fresno
Kojchakorn Ngamnimitthum, architecture student, Los Angeles
Sarah Sturgis, artist, Los Angeles
Lux Cervantes, human being, los Angeles
David Ascencio, student, Covina
Wendy Raigosa, artist, Los Angeles
Magda Madera, Los Angeles
Lily Goodchild, artist, London
Noah Morrison, artist, Los Angeles
Jared Micah, writer & musician, Seattle
Lisa Yun Lee, Director National Public Housing Museum, Chicago
Velma Spencer, Spooky.World, Los Angles
Jasmin Jimenez, entrepreneur, Woodbridge
Neya Salazar, artist, Phoenix
Haydn Cooper, artist, Phoenix
Jen Moser-Villasenor, artist & student, San Francisco
Beatrice Drumwright, artist & student, Reed College, Portland
Samuel Gomez, student, Portland/Ithaca
Cat Yang, co-organizer/amwa, Los Angeles
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