Flutter App Testing - Questionnaire

Welcome to our questionnaire, meticulously designed to gather essential insights from a diverse range of students like you. Our objective is to create a student helper app that aligns perfectly with your academic needs, assisting you to achieve your personal goals. 

We encourage you to share any thoughts, ideas, or features that you believe would be beneficial in a student helper app. Your feedback is crucial in shaping an app that truly supports students.

If the provided answers don't fully resonate with your thoughts and concerns, please feel free to use the comment space in the very end to add your own insights. Additionally, you can also tick the answers that are closest to your thoughts and concerns. This combination of selected options and personal input will help us gain a more comprehensive understanding of your needs.

Kindly include your E-Mail address. This is necessary to confirm your participation and eligibility for the cash prize. We assure you that your personal data will be handled with utmost confidentiality and will be deleted after the event's conclusion. You can only submit one form, but you may change you answers if you need to.

Email *
May we contact you at that email address for a further testing interview? We will also try to arrange payment for this. *
What is the subject of your degree? Please include Bachelor or Master
Where did you achieve your university entrance certification?
Is it your first degree?
How confident do you feel with your studies?
not very confident
very confident
What are the main concerns/stressors during your studies? Multiple options possible. 
What do you do, when you feel overwhelmed by your studies? Multiple options possible. 
Did you ever use a psychological or fitness-app?
If you ever used a psychological or fitness-app, or are using one right now, please add the functionalities that you liked. If you have not, please add the functionalities why you would use a psychological or fitness app. *
Why do you study, what you study? Multiple options possible. *
Why do you study, what you study? Please choose the most important reason.  *
Which features would you like in an app designed to make your studies more successful? Multiple options possible.  *
Thinking about “succeeding in your studies”, what topics interest you the most? Multiple options possible.  *
What do you like the most about studying (at a a university)? *
Thinking about "succeeding in your studies", in which areas would you wish the most support? *
If you could wish for one thing that you achieve through your studies, what would it be?
How do you personally define “academic success” /“successful (university) studies”?  *
Anything you want to add?
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