LodeStream - Project Requirements Form 项目开发要求表单
Please describe you project requirements (the more detailed, the better). Questions? Please direct them to info@lodestream.com or contact us at +1-206-486-2829.
Project Basic Info 项目基本信息
Are you a new or existing customer? 您是新客户还是现有客户?
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Project Name and description 项目名称及描述 *
Please describe your project 请描述您的项目
Platform 平台 *
Desired platforms/apps? 您需要开发哪些平台的应用?
Time Estimate 时间预估 *
When do you need the project to be completed by? 您的项目需要在多久之内完成?
Budget Estimate 预算
What is your project's budget estimate? (USD) 您的预算范围(美金)
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Project Development Info 项目扩展描述
Please also fill out this form for E-commerce projects 电商项目请也这里填此表:https://goo.gl/A2NOfh
项目类型 (多选) Project Type (Multiple Selection) *
Prototype/Wireframe Design 原型/线框图设计 *
Do you already have your wireframe or prototype for this project? 您是否已有本项目的草图、原型或线框图?
Graphic/Web Design 美工设计 *
Will you have your own designer to work with us or will you need us to include the design in cost estimate? 您将拥有自己的设计师进行设计,还是需要我们来提供设计?
Project References 项目参考
Similar apps or websites for our references (One per line) 跟您的点子相似的网站或名称 (一行一个)
Request For Proposal (RFP)
Here's an example of a good RFP for your reference: https://goo.gl/O9rlZ7. Note: This is just a sample format and you can always use your own simplified version of RFP or project requirements. 需求文档/案例样本可参考:https://goo.gl/O9rlZ7 注意:这只是一个参考样式,您可以使用自己的简化版本。
RFP or Project Detail Requirements 项目细节要求
Do you have your RFP or any forms of project requirements (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, etc) to share with us? Upload it to our dropbox location here: https://goo.gl/U50hl2, or to your own shared cloud storage and provide us your link here. 如果您有项目需求文档(.doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, etc)请整理成一份文件夹上传至我们的Dropbox地址(https://goo.gl/U50hl2),或者上传到您自己的云网盘并将链接粘贴在这儿。
Contact Method 联系方式
Please provide us your contact info 为了方便我们联系您, 请填写必要的联系方式 (选择填写)
Contact Name 联系人姓名 *
E-mail Address 电子邮件 *
Phone Number 电话号码
Wechat ID 微信号
Referral 推荐人
How did you find out about us? Please provide their name (e.g., Friend, website, social media, ....) 您是如何得知我们的?请提供其名字(朋友、网站、社交帐号等)。
Questions and comments 其他问题及评语
Our Portfolio Samples 案例展示
A complete professional portfolio available upon request! 请向我们索取完整案例!
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