Nowhere New Demo Playtest Feedback
This is a feedback form for individuals who have played through our demo of Nowhere New, located at
Your thoughts and comments are very important to our development and are greatly appreciated!
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How would you rate your experience with the demo?
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What were your overall impressions of the game?
How did you feel about the mechanics and game play?
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How intuitive did you find the controls and UI?
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How did you feel about the art style and art presentation in general?
What were your thoughts on the story / writing?
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How challenged did you feel by this game?
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What in the game, if anything, did you find challenging, frustrating, or confusing?
Describe to the best of your ability the route you took through the game, and if you completed it.
Did you encounter any bugs? If so, describe them to the best of your ability.
Overall Comments
Would you consider getting the final version of the game?
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