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Ayurveda isn't a one-sided system of living, it helps us to view ourselves as a whole - body, mind & spirit - something we have been trained to forget in order for global power systems to work. I am so grateful I discovered Ayurveda when I did, it helped to transform my life, my body, the way I thought & acted and my connection with the universe and all it's inhabitants. Do you need to know more? I say 'yes' but the next steps are up to you. In this 60 minute FREE workshop we will discuss the following questions;
How can I use Ayurveda to improve my life? And does it take up a lot of time?
What are the five elements and how do they effect me and how can I use them in my day to day life?
How do I know if I am out of balance, what are the impacts of being out of balance and what can I do to restore my unique balance?

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A seamless connection between Ayurveda & Yoga through these body & breathwork sessions live on Zoom every Wednesday at 9.30am GMT through October. Ayurveda is the science of self healing & Yoga the science of getting to know ourselves, they are ancient Indian wisdom traditions designed to make a complete health system. This class is for anyone new to Yoga & Ayurveda or anyone wanting a new and more holistic approach to Yoga.
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Stress & Anxiety - I am Peaceful - Ayurveda Workshop  - A 90 minute workshop to understand the roots of stress & anxiety according to the ancient holistic health science Ayurveda & give you the tools to enable relaxation & peacefulness in your life
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AUTUMN AYURVEDIC CLEAN UP - Ayurveda Workshop - A 90 minute workshop to support you to achieve & maintain healthy body, mind & spirit.
How has 2022 been for you? Most people are struggling physically, mentally & spiritually, we have taken in so much over the last years & it is taking its toll on us. 
Luckily our bodies are super intelligent and given the right conditions & support they don't need anything fancy to detoxify. What are the right conditions & support? Join this workshop and find out. 
Disease Prevention - My Energy Flows with Ease - Ayurveda Workshop - A 90 minute session about the stages of disease in Allopathy (Western medicine) & Ayurveda (Eastern medicine), and how to promote healthy, happy organs & prevent disease & disorder.
Creating more Space & Time - I am Worthy - Ayurveda Workshop A 90 minute session to enable understanding of the concepts of time & space in Ayurveda and the East, and comparing them to the way we live in the ‘modern’, Western world. Asking the questions why? And finding solutions to lack of time & space in our lives so that you can be at your best
Overcoming Loneliness - I am whole - Ayurveda Workshop 90 minutes; 
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