Habitat SHR: Group ReStore Request Form
We are excited about your interest in volunteering at a HABITAT RESTORE in Norfolk or Virginia Beach.
Please SUBMIT THIS FORM and we will place your group as quickly as possible based on availability.

Locations information is here: http://shrhabitat.org/store-locations/
NORFOLK: 900 Tidewater Dr., Norfolk, VA
VB: 4239 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA (Timberlake Shopping Center)
955 Providence Rd., Virginia Beach, VA (Providence Square Shopping Center)

Submit this FORM -->
Reviewed by Habitat ReStore Staff -->
Placement based on current needs, location AND availability -->
Group Point of Contact is given a confirmation email -->
Group members show up on Date/Location -->
Enjoy the experience! -->

WANT MORE GROUP DATES ? --> Fill out new FORM.
If you are looking for the Group Construction Request FORM go here: http://goo.gl/forms/bnvi4DoI5x

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