Volunteer Application: Be Love! Orphan Outreach Missions (BLOOM)
By submitting this CONFIDENTIAL application, it alerts our team to your interest and gifts in volunteering for BLOOM. We will respond when we have an opening that might be something of interest to you! Please pray for the ministry and pray for direction in His will for your time and service. Sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts helps us greatly in getting the word out and expanding our REACH to serve!
April Wareham, Executive Director, BLOOM
Full Name *
Please list your first and last name. Understand that we keep your application and interest confidential within our team.
Contact Number *
Please list your best phone number for contact, and time preferred to be called.
Contact Email *
Please list your best and most checked email address. Double Check for typos!
Address *
Please list your full mailing address including city, state and zip code.
Spiritual Calling/Gifts? *
What do you feel are your spiritual gifts, passions, experiences and skills that you would like to use as a volunteer for BLOOM? Examples: Organization, teaching, hospitality, service, accounting/numbers, marketing, public relations, graphic design, etc.
Experience *
What types of experience have you had in volunteering with other non-profit organizations? This might include Scouts, summer camps, church, other orphan ministries, etc.
Favorite *
What was your most favorite and fulfilling volunteer position that you have held? If this is your first time volunteering, please list "NA".
Orphan Ministry *
What are you most interested to do as a volunteer with BLOOM? We are a new and growing non profit orphan ministry serving orphans worldwide, but also supporting and identifying families in the USA to serve alongside us. Our team has years of experience with big goals and visions to serve!
Time Available? *
What times of day, days of the week are you typically interested and available to volunteer? Most of our volunteers are referred to as "virtual volunteers" as they are able to perform most duties from home. Are there months of the year when you are more available or less available?
Amount of Time? *
How many hours, on average, would you be interested to commit to a volunteer position?
Personality? *
What personality would you say you have? And what personalities do you enjoy interacting with the most? How would others describe you who recently met you? How would long-time friends describe you? How do you see yourself?
Education? Special Training? *
Have you completed any higher education or specialized training that better prepares you for the volunteer position you are interested in with BLOOM? Have you done any seminars, webinars, attended conventions, have certifications in specific related fields? Do you speak a 2nd language? Have you hosted an international orphan before or adopted internationally?
Hobbies? *
What do you like to do in your spare time, for yourself? For example, make balloon animals, decorate cakes, do artwork, photography, swim, teach a sport or craft?
Travel? *
Do you have a passport that is valid? Are you interested in traveling abroad? Have you traveled abroad in the past? If so, where? Have you been on mission trips? If so, where? What kind of traveler are you? For example, highly organized, go with the flow, leader, follower, administrative, pack light, have everything anyone else might ever or never need? Do you get car sick during long car rides on less than desirable roads? Dietary restrictions?
Medical Conditions? *
Do you have any medical conditions that would keep you from traveling or performing other volunteer duties such as communicating with others by phone, email? Are you able to use the computer regularly, a smart phone, maintain a basic schedule? If so, can you please explain so we understand how to best place you to use your spiritual gifts.
Christian Involvement *
Please describe your own faith in your own words and explain your relationship with Jesus Christ.
Please share about your family. What makes you unique? What do you enjoy doing with your family?
What are your questions for us?
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