Crate lets you sort and collect information. It's for stashing links, images/graphics, and notes in a way that keeps things organized for you and your collaborators.
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What devices do you own?
What device do you typically use to browse online?
What content do you look at while browsing online?
If so, how do you save that content?
When you find a link or an image that interests you online, do you save it?
What specific tools or sites do you use to bookmark?
What do you like most about those tools?
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How often do you write notes to remember things for later?
If so, why do you write and keep notes?
What applications do you use to write and keep notes?
What do you like most about these tools?
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What do you like -least- about these tools?
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What is your profession?
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Do you work in a collaborative environment?
How often do you share resources (like files, images, links, etc.) and collaborate with your co-workers?
Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?
If so, do you use one of these to register or sign up for accounts on other websites?
If so, why?
What is your age?
Where do you live?
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