Gathering Ground 2021 Intern Application
We seek to inspire ecologically-minded agriculture & partnership with land & people. Through our developing demonstration orchard & vineyard, we aim to educate in sustainable agriculture while strengthening the health of people & the environment.

Founded in 2016, we have a 40+ acres, including a 5 acre vineyard and over 500 fruit and nut trees and shrubs. In 2018, we began to develop a low environmental impact management plan for the vineyard despite few blueprints for organic or biodynamic vineyards in the midwest. In 2020, we added hair sheep to help maintain weeds and fertilize the vineyards and orchards. 

On the Grounds: Learn about all the aspects of our agroecosystem, including how we grow grapes organically, establish apple, pear and chestnut orchards & a vegetable garden, & graze a small flock of sheep in the vineyard & orchard. Work in the vineyard & orchard providing routine care & management such as planting and mulching trees, vines and shrubs; moving, watering, and caring for the sheep,; planting and caring for a vegetable garden.

Around the Island: Work with an Island farm or farm-to-table restaurant learning what's it like in the day to day behind the scenes of a local food system through hands-on experience.

Weekly Seminars: Reading & Discussion on current issues in agriculture and food studies.

No experience with is necessary, though a desire to work outside with plants and animals is a must. 
6 weeks.
PAY: Stipend for GG work & hourly wage for farm/restaurant work
Email us with questions:
Housing. We will help you find housing on the Island, if you do not already have it.
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Alongside the internship, we offer the option of seeking part time employment with one of our partner organizations, including Hotel Washington Restaurant, Hoot Blossom Farm and other farms on the Island. Would you prefer to work at an organic farm or farm-to-table restaurant? Why? (We cannot guarantee a position, but we will support you in the process).
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