Jefferson School District Surplus Heater Auction
Jefferson School District is accepting bids on surplus heaters installed in our old Middle School. These units are 7 years old and are in good working order. All auction items must be picked up at Jefferson School District.
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Jefferson School District has 12 Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnaces available for auction. These units are 7 years old and are in good working order. All auction items must be picked up at Jefferson School District. Once you are notified of a winning bid you will have 48 hours to contact us and make arrangements for pickup and payment of the furnace. This Auction will end on 2/10/2019.


Comfort 92 Carrier 59SC2 Gas Furnace is a single stage, single speed gas furnace that heats with 92% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). This means that for every dollar you spend on natural gas, over 92 cents is used in heating your home or business. It features two heat exchangers to give you maximum heating and efficiency. This unit can be installed upflow, downflow, or horizontal.

Standard Features:

4-Way multipurpose design for upflow, downflow or horizontal installation
Installation flexibility with a 360-degree rotating elbow
More than twelve different venting options, including optional through-the cabinet downflow and horizontal venting
Ideal condensing furnace height 35” cabinet: short enough for taller coils, but still allows enough room for service
Silicon Nitride Power Heat™ Hot Surface Igniter
Aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger
Stainless steel condensing secondary heat exchanger
High-quality corrosion-resistant prepainted steel cabinet with hemmed edges for safety
Factory-configured ready for upflow applications
Direct-vent/sealed combustion, single-pipe venting or ventilated combustion air
PSC blower motor, single-speed inducer motor, and single-stage gas valve
Self-diagnostics with SuperBrite LED
Approved for Twinning applications (60-14 through 120-20 sizes, only)
Propane convertible (see accessory list)
Approved for Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home applications with MH accessory kit
Convenient Air Purifier and Humidifier connections
Residential installations may be eligible for consumer financing through the Retail Credit program
Certified to leak 2% or less of nominal air conditioning CFM delivered when pressurized to 1-in. water column with all present air inlets, air outlets, and condensate drain port(s) sealed

Dimensions in upflow position: 335″H x width varies by size: 14.2-24.5″ x 30″D​

If you have questions about the units or would like to arrange a time to see them then please contact:
Raymond Freitag
Maintenace Director
(541) 327-3337

Model 59SC2
Unit is currently installed and in good working order
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