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Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. The beginning of this form is meant to give me an idea as to what you will need from me. Below, you will find my turnaround information, pricing, and Terms & Conditions. Please note that I do not edit nonfiction books.
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Turnaround Information
- I require no less than two weeks to thoroughly edit a book. Depending on the size, you may receive it back earlier, than the two week mark.

- The following is an optional service at no charge to the author; however, complete payment is required to utilize this service.

I will thoroughly go over your project twice. After the first time that I go over it, I will send it to you. You will then go over/make the necessary corrections and then send it back to me; I will then go back over it a second time.

- I charge $1.00 per page up to 250 pages. Every page after the 250th page is $1.50.

- A $25.00 nonrefundable deposit is due within a week of signing this form in order to reserve your spot; this fee will be deducted from your final total. If I do not receive your book within 24 hours after the day that I am to begin editing for you, your date then becomes open and available for the next person to reserve. If you are still interested in doing business with me, you will then be required to reserve a new date and pay the deposit fee again.

- If your book needs formatting of any kind, an additional $30.00 fee will be added to your final total. That means if I have to adjust the line spacing on your document, create numerous paragraphs within your document, add multiple indents within your document, or make adjustments to your document resulting in more than a 5 page addition, you will be charged this fee.

Terms & Conditions
*I will not discuss your book with anyone other than you.

*You will not shame, humiliate, or publicly disrespect me if there are corrections/comments to your book that you are not happy with. You paid me to do a job and I am doing just that.

*The required deposit is due before I work on your book.

*I must have your book in my possession no later than the day before I am due to begin editing it.

*I mainly focus on spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation placement, proper word usage, readability, font change, repetition, and sentence structure. I also check character names for spelling and consistency. If I notice other errors throughout your book, I will make a note of them and bring them to your attention.

*The moment that I am finished with your book, I will notify you via email. Payment is then required before I send your final edited project back.

*I only accept payment through PayPal: paypal.me/LaKataEK

*Terms and Conditions subject to change.

If you are still interested in hiring me, please sign and date below.
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