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The L.I.R. network is comprised of the best in the industry. We're a community of event professionals that share best practices, learn from industry leaders, and connect during exclusive events. L.I.R. membership comes with a full-page ad in The Network, entry to the launch party, and access to members-only events - all complimentary.

The cost to join the network is a one-time annual fee of $150, which secures your annual membership, then a monthly fee of $50. On the 15th of every month, you will be invoiced for your monthly membership fee of $50, which will be due by the 30th of every month. Membership fees go directly to costs needed to produce The Network and members-only events.

Questions? Email lirladyined@gmail.com

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We ask all members to provide a discount on a product and/or service to other L.I.R. members as a way to strengthen our network. What will be the product and/or service you contribute to the L.I.R. network? *
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We ask members to host an event either in their home, or to organize it at a local venue. This is a way to hold each of us accountable in building & strengthening our network. Is this something that you are willing to do? *
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