How can we best serve your research training needs online?
Here at Responsible Research in Practice we always try to do our best to provide the training services that our client organisations and members of the bioscience research community need. To date we have focussed our efforts on delivering quality, tailored, in-house, face to face training. This is because we believe this format is invaluable in providing individuals with the opportunity to directly interact with our expert tutors, to ask questions and discuss challenges. We however recognise that online technology is developing. It is now possible for our expert tutors to directly interact with researchers anywhere in the world. So please help shape the development of our online training services to suit your needs by submitting your answers to the questions below.
Best Wishes
Dr Nikki Osborne
Founding Director of Responsible Research in Practice
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What factors limit your use of online training? For example personal time pressures, cost, access to training, availability of quality training etc. *
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