Cheer Up Treats Request Form: Dallas
Cheer Up Treats is a free chessed service for anyone going through a difficult life challenge. Each week we send FREE treats for Shabbos to those that really need it. If you or anyone you know can use this service, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you on Thursday night. Due to high demand, we first send treats to families experiencing immediate crisis (i.e. medical crises etc.) and after we try to accommodate as many other families as we possibly can. We give priority to people that fill out the information on the form so please fill it out either way. Sometimes we have last minute changes and we can only choose a family that we have the information for. 
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Email *
How many people are in the family you are sending treats to? 
What is the recipient's first name?
Please give us a vague description of the reason you would like to give this person/family a treat.
We currently deliver to Dallas.

Please provide the full address including clear instructions regarding how to get there if they live in a hidden/confusing area or do not have a clear house number on their door. If we can’t find the house the treats might not get delivered.

The treats get delivered on Thursday night or Friday morning.
Would you like us to write that you sent it? If yes, what is your name? (We recommend writing your name)
Did you double check that the family is home for Shabbos to receive the treats? If not, please do so.
Are you aware that these might be delivered by someone from the community and that the recipient will be ok with that?
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