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This group is created with a specific intention, to open up a discussion and information sharing platform to all participants and followers of VIBGYOR. However, to make the maximum utilization of this attempt/initiative, we at VIBGYOR has set some basic rules to follow, which one has to follow strictly to remain a member of the forum. Request all the members to kindly go through them carefully before posting any message/content in this group.

Keeping high expectations of cooperation from all.


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VIBGYOR WhatsApp Rules & Regulations• No good morning/good night/greeting messages. No forward messages. PLEASE.• Post messages which are only related to ART (Photography, fine art, painting, dance, literature) & Heritage (information about antique product, material, or a heritage place).• Please share any ART event happening across the city in the group. Interested members shall follow up with the concerned person for further details of the event.• You may post maximum 2 images/photographs in a day in the group. For posting more images, please utilise our FB VIBGYOR Group:• Feel free to suggest for an event. • You may add your comment/thinking to one particular suggestion given by any other member, but restrict your response so that the discussion does not create any debate.• Please avoid controversy or conflict across messages.• For any personal requirement, please PM the particular member rather than opening up a discussion in the group.• If any member violates the rule, you are free to warn the action by sharing the rules to him/her.• If a member is found to violate the rules even after warning, he/she will be removed from the group.• If someone feels that the discussions in this group are not related to his/her topic of interest, he/she is free to exit the group anytime. • If you would like someone to be added in the group, please ask him/her to fill this online form:• Rules may be changed/modified or amended by admins at any time and must be abide by the group members.• Any dispute/problem can be addressed or must be addressed to admins in pm and amicable solution will be worked out.• If you have any further suggestions to add up in the rules column, please send PM/call to Indranil Mukherjee (+91-9920773284).
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