Keith County Business Survey
Over the past year, so much has changed about doing business. Keith County Area Development is conducting this survey of area businesses and working to develop programs that respond to your evolving needs thanks to funding through West Central Nebraska Development District from the CARES Act Pandemic Preparedness and Business Resiliency Program.

If you have any questions, please call Mary Wilson or Lisa Kraus at 308-284-6623.
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If employment changed at your business, what do you anticipate to be the long term impact of these changes?
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If you do have an active website or other digital presence, was it adequate to manage your business needs during the pandemic at the same level as it was before the pandemic? *
If no, please explain.
I would be interested in the following assistance or resources:
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My business has a need for educational or skills training opportunities. *
If yes, what specific areas?
KCAD has partnered with Mid Plains Community College in Ogallala with funding through West Central Nebraska Development District to offer vouchers for the digital "Business Toolbox" courses through May 2021.
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Is there a service that Keith County Area Development could offer you that might support and enhance your business? *
You may submit your response anonymously, or you may complete the following information, which will be used by KCAD to better assist area businesses.
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