Colby Woods Cattle Poultry Order Form 2023
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you ready to pre-order your locally pastured raised chicken and turkey from Colby Woods Cattle? Now is your chance! If you have any questions please contact us directly at (207) 491-5159 or

This year we are asking you to put a down payment on your pre-orders. Down payments will be $10.00 for a whole chicken, $3.00 a pound for parted chicken, and $20.00 for a turkey. Our prices are listed below and if you pre order before March 1st you will be guaranteed this price.

Once you complete this form we will contact you for your down payment. Thank you for shopping local!
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How many whole chicken(s)  would you like? $4.00/lb (One whole chicken is usually around 5-6lbs.)
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How many pounds of chicken breast would you like?             $7.50/lb
How many pounds of chicken thighs would you like?    $7.50/lb
How many pounds of chicken drumsticks would you like?         $6.00/lb
How many pounds of chicken wings would you like?         $6.00/lb
TURKEY! We are hoping to have a limited selection of turkey. How many turkeys would you like?  $3.75/lb
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