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Dear artist and dear manager,

Baltic Artists in Development is a programme run by Musikcentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Music Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia) and Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw, Poland) with funding from the Swedish Institute. The programme is aiming at self-managed artists and independent artist managers who already have some experience in the international music scene and seek to develop their international reach and industry know-how. This application form will help us select 12 participants for the Baltic Artists in Development programme (4 from each country – 2 artists and 2 managers).

This call is open for self-managed artists of the independent music scene and for artist managers from Estonia, Poland and Sweden. The form should be filled in by the applicants themselves. The information provided in the form should be accurate and updated. We are expecting one individual application per artist team.

Please, observe that the form can only be completed once. We recommend completing it "in one go"! Approximate time needed to complete the form is 30 minutes. Please, read the questions carefully and follow the instructions. In the event of any questions or doubts, please contact your local representative of the Baltic Artists in Development team:
- for applicants in Sweden - Musikcentrum Syd, e-mail:
- for applicants in Estonia – Music Estonia, e-mail:
- for applicants in Poland – Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland), e-mail:

We realise artists might have various artistic identities/projects and managers might represent more than one artist at the time. However, for the sake of this call the applicants are asked to choose just one artistic project (in case of applying artists) and one artist/band they represent (in case of applying managers). The participants will be working specifically with the one selected artistic project or artist/band throughout the Baltic Artists in Development programme.

Thank you!
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