BrittansSketchBook Brand Ambassador
I'm so glad you're considering being a Brand Ambassador with me promoting reading with Usborne Books & More. I love that together we can spread the mission of literacy and change the future, one child at a time, one book at a time.

Please read through this form and share with me your responses. Then I will get your books ordered and sent to you. This is a 6 month ambassadorship and then we will evaluate how the partnership is working and if we both want to continue. Let the book sharing and book earning begin!
My Instagram account is: *
My full name is: *
My email address is: *
The name I would like listed for my affiliate link is: *
(your network will see this written at the top of our bookshop site like the image below shows for "Sample Ambassador")
I understand that I will be given a brand ambassador link where I will earn 10% in commission on every single order and that my sales will build earning me reward books according to the chart below. I can leave my affiliate link open for up to six months at a time. *
Your affiliate rewards can be redeemed at any point within those 6 months and a new affiliate link opened to begin building a new amount again.
(There is no limit to your rewards, if your sales go above the $2000 amount shown here, they will continue to build at the same rate)
I understand as a brand ambassador I am committing to at the very minimum 3-5 mentions of Usborne Books & More, linking (through bio link or swipe up) to my affiliate link and tagging @BrittansSketchBook as your connection/book lady/consultant/bookshop owner (whatever word fits best with your vibe) *
Obviously, the more you share the more your followers will see the books you are loving thus increasing your commission and your reward books, so feel free to share as often as you'd like!
I understand that my commission will be sent to me during the first week following a month of sales (i.e. Commission money for February sales will be sent the first week of March). The Venmo or PayPal account I would prefer you to send my commission to is: *
I understand when I have $2000 in sales with in a 3 month period from my affiliate link, I will quality for an additional $50 in free books. (This offer can be repeated every 3 months) If your affiliate link is bringing in $4000 in sales within a 3 month period, your free book amount will increase to $100. *
I understand I can shop through @BrittansSketchBook with a 25% discount at any point while I am a Brand Ambassador. They discount will be refunded to me through my preferred PayPal or Venmo. *
I'm so excited and ready to pick out my $50 in free books. I'm listing the titles below that I would like for free... *
Click here to see our catalog and choose your books: Your shipping and tax will be covered as well, so you have a full $50 to shop with.
Where's the best address to send you books?
(UBAM does not ship to PO boxes or internationally, but does ship to APO military addresses)
Do you have any other questions, concerns, or ideas you'd like to share with me?
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