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Your answer
Indicate your age & if you want/wish to buy sustainable fashion/home articles.
Gen X
Yes, I wish to buy sustainable products.
No, I don't care about sustainable products.
Do you find it easy to search for sustainable brands?
If you have never bought any sustainable products yet, why?
Your answer
Are you aware of any online marketplace or online shop that promotes sustainability/handmade articles? If so, please indicate them.
Where do you research for sustainable brands? Please give more information (e.g. #, fav influencer).
Would you buy from small unknown sustainable brands worldwide if you love the unique product?
Which sustainable aspects do you value the most?
How much needs a brand to be sustainable that you buy it?
Incl. one sustainable aspect is already amazing!
Needs to be 100% sustainable!!
How important is the distance of a vendor to you?
I order from shops worldwide as long as the shipping is fast.
I only order from onlineshops close to where I live.
How important is the layout of an e-commerce platform to you?
I don't care
Very important
Do you have any website you love? (because of layout, product offering, Instagram...)
Your answer
What are your favourite sustainable /handmade fashion & home brands? Where do you shop sustainable products (e.g. local boutique, online-shop)?
Do you like to get insights into a start-up life and sustainability?
No, boring
Yes, this is interesting
How often do you check a website you like?
What draws you back to a website?
Can an online-shop be sustainable when carbon emission (CO2) through shipping is being pushed in the same time?
When spotting a product on a third party online-shop (not owned e-commerce site by label like Zalando or Matches Fashion); where will you buy the product?
On the label's e-commerce site!
On the third party website (why should I go to another website?)
Which products category would you buy more SUSTAINABLE & ONLINE?
Do you only trust sustainable brands when they have a certification (e.g. GOTS, Oeko Tex Standards)?
No, transparency is already enough
Yes, being transparent only is not enough
Which promotional activities do you love?
How much would you pay max for a sustainable product category?
Max 25€
Max 50€
Max 40€
Max 100€
Max 150€
Max 200€
Max 300€
Max 400€
Underwear & Swimwear
Gifts in general
Which products would you buy if they are sustainable? (all available www.urbankissed.com)
How much are you willing to pay for returns?
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