EiB Virtual Meeting 2020 - Feedback
Thank you for attending our 2020 Virtual Meeting! We hope you were inspired by the stories of excellence, EiB discussion, and connections with colleagues around the world.

Could you please give us some feedback?
What was your favourite aspect?
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How did you feel about the meeting?
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What should we change about the agenda or setup next time?
What topic/s would you like to learn more about in a webinar or blog?
How was your platform (Hopin) experience?
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Not really true
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Hopin features improved the meeting experience
I liked the chat rooms
I liked 1-on-1 chat
I liked browsing the Expo booths
Technical difficulties interfered with my learning and participation
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Do you like online meetings?
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What best describes your affiliation?
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What best describes your specialty?
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Any other comments about the event?
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