Westville Information for School Closure Due to COVID-19 (Family Survey)
This confidential survey is to collect information that will allow our staff to plan for distance learning. On April 6th, student learning will be done outside of the school buildings, which have been closed statewide to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

We want to ensure that we are equipped to transition to a distance learning environment in a way that meets the needs of all families. Your responses will help us determine how to best ensure your child continues to learn and grow until school can open again.
1. How many students between Pre-K and 12th grade live in your house? *
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2. Please enter the names of each child living permanently in your household. (The information in this survey is for district needs ONLY and will not be shared publicly.) *
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3. What grade/s are the students in during the current school year? (Please select all that apply.) *
4. Does your child have access to a device at home that is capable of supporting online platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.? *
5. Does your child share that device with other family members? *
6. How would you describe your internet access at home? *
7. What is your address? *
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8. How many people in your family would use the internet if it was available? *
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9. Do you have access to a printer? *
10. Would you like your child to access educational videos on YouTube if links are provided by teachers? *
11. While schools are closed, will anyone be home to help your child with school work? If no, skip to question 14. If yes, who? *
12. How does the person helping your child feel about assisting with school work during school hours?
Severely lacking confidence and/or time
Very confident and plenty of time
13. How does the main caregiver feel about assisting with technology?
Very uncertain
Very confident
14. What method of communication works best for your family? *
15. What time of the day will your student be able to work on devices and have internet available? *
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16. Which of the following resources does your child have at home? (Select all that apply.) *
17. If the school was to provide learning packs (e.g. books/worksheets), how easy would it be for someone to collect these from the school each week? *
18. What would be your preference for your student's learning? (Select all that apply.) *
19. What suggestions do you have for us to consider during this period of distance education? *
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