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I'll tell Anne the news when ________________ her.
I'm busy at the moment. ____________________ on the computer.
The librarian asked us _______________ so much noise.
I need to buy
You can see the details ___ the computer screen.
They raised the money simply _______________ for it.
My friend ___________________ the answer to the question.
We _______________ to Ireland for our holidays last year.
Our friends ________________ meet us at the airport.
__________________ a party next Saturday. We've sent the invitations.
The chemist was open so I _____________ buy some aspirin.
I'm tired. __________________over 400 miles today.
We haven't had a holiday for ________________ time.
Someone _________________ the tickets are free.
When Martin ___________________ the car he took it for a drive.
At nine yesterday morning we___________________ for the bus.
Can you speak English? Yes ___________
At this time tomorrow ___________________ over the Atlantic.
We had a party last night. ________________ spend all morning cleaning up
_______________ I carry that bag for you?
We can't go along here because the road is ________________.
The driver was arrested for failing ______________ the accident.
Someone suggested ____________________ for a walk.
If the bus to the airport hadn't been late we _________________ the plane.
My father used the money to set _________ his own company.
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