Racial Trauma survey by The Worthy Entrepreneur Academy
Survey examines role of racial trauma in Black entrepreneurs' success
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Have you ever hired a non-Black professional or contractor based on a negative experience with a Black contractor or professional? *
Have you ever hired a non-Black professional or contractor based on the expectation of a negative experience with a Black contractor or professional? *
Have you ever patronized a non-Black business based on a negative experience with a Black-owned business? *
Have you ever had a negative experience with another Black person(s) based on your skin color? *
Did you watch the video of George Floyd being murdered? *
Name three labels typically used to describe Black communities. *
Did you watch the video of Sandra Bland being pulled over and arrested? *
When you see a Black person about to be interviewed by a news reporter, do you hope they speak well? *
If you live in a predominantly Black community, have you chosen to have your child(ren) attend a better school outside of your neighborhood? *
When crime stories are reported on the news, do you secretly hope the suspect is not Black? *
Do you switch up the way you speak depending on where you are? *
If you're pulled over by the police, would you consider videoing the encounter? *
Have you had a direct encounter with racism? *
Has racism been an obstacle to the advancement of your business? *
If you were to apply (or have applied) for a loan for your business, are you concerned that racism might effect (or did effect) whether you're approved? *
Black entrepreneurs have a tougher time manifesting a thriving business. *
Having a thriving business requires (check all that apply) *
Do you have a mission and vision statement for your business? *
You visualize what your business looks like at its highest level of success. *
How successful is your business? *
Having a thriving business would allow you to (check all that apply) *
The elements of a thriving business are (check all that apply) *
My ancestors dreams died with them. *
I get creative ideas that improve my business. *
I feel worthy of having a hugely successful business. *
The idea of my business generating unlimited income *
I use the following spiritual tools to run my business (check all that apply) *
Think ahead five years. Describe what your business looks like if it is thriving in all areas. *
On a scale of 1 to 5, how confident are you that you will manifest your business at its highest level? *
Not confident at all.
Total confidence.
In order for your business to thrive, what would you need to do? (check all that apply) *
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