Order of the Tower Guard Recruitment Application
PLEASE READ OUR CHARTER FIRST: http://www.oottg.com/about

Thank you for providing detail throughout this form where relevant.
Note that the Order typically recruits by Internal Reference only.
Successful applicants undergo a One Month (or longer) assessment, and should demonstrate a firm understanding of the Order charter before taking the Oath of the Order.
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We require that Main-Characters and Alts have lore-appropriate names.
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Read the Charter here: http://www.oottg.com/about
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Note the aspects of LOTRO and LOTR that you value
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The Order does not require active participation in RP events, but members insist on their Kinsmates tolerance, and encourage participation. The Order embraces the idea of LOTRO as an RPG!
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Hail, Order Epopts!
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