SCIONLab Infrastructure Node Request
The aim of this request form is to streamline the process of joining SCIONLab as an infrastructure node. For further information about the node requirements, please take a look at our tutorial page "HOWTO join the SCIONLab Infrastructure", cf.

If you don't have a suitable machine available, you may apply for a pre-configured SCION AS from us, running all services inside a small-scale device (a PCEngine:
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Last Name, First Name *
Email address *
Institution Name *
Institution Webpage *
Name of the Head of the Group
Maintenance Contact Point
Please provide the name and email address of the person we would contact to setup and maintain the node. Typical examples of SCIONLab contacting include when the node is down, or when we detect malfunctioning.
AS Connection Properties
SCION ASes establish connections to other ASes in the SCIONLab network. Hosts can set an upper limit on the amount of bandwidth their AS uses. ASes don’t listen to the host’s local traffic and only talk to other SCIONLab ASes. Refer to for more information about the SCIONLab connectivity requirements.
Allowed Bandwidth *
Please indicate the bandwidth to/from the Internet that your connection will grant to the SCIONLab infrastructure AS, in Mbps
Can your AS be assigned a public static IP address? *
If your AS runs behind a NAT which doesn't have a public static IP address or doesn't allow port forwarding, answer "no".
Will the connection be firewalled? *
If the firewall can be configured for certain IP ranges and ports, then "not firewalled". Otherwise, answer "yes".
Application for a PC Engine device
If you do not have a machine to run the infrastructure AS, you can apply here for a pre-configured device (PCEngine) from us.
Do you need a device (PCEngine) from us? *
Please note: By receiving a device from us, you agree to connect it to an Ethernet port on a router or switch within your institutional network.
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