Integrated Skills Program 2
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L6T1H - Building conversations
In this lesson, you're going to practise asking and answering conversation questions about the stages of life.
Task One: Let's do a quiz with some words to help us talk about today's topic. Choose the best word or words to complete each sentence.
1. We can divide our lives into different _____ based on how old we are.
Clear selection
2. The stage of life before you are 13 years of age is called _____ .
Clear selection
3. People from the age of 13-19 are called _____ .
Clear selection
4. After leaving M6, some of us will get a job and others will continue our _____ at university.
Clear selection
5. It’s a good idea to have a job and a house before becoming a _____ .
Clear selection
6. The stage of life from about 40 to 65 is called _____ age.
Clear selection
7. People over the age of 65 can be called _____ citizens.
Clear selection
8. When people are too old to keep working, they _____ .
Clear selection
Task Two: Watch the video and practise answering the questions.
Task Three: Choose the right words to complete the five questions.
1. What do you think is the best age to be? Why?
Answer: I think the best age to be is five because life’s so easy.
2. At what ___ do you think people become adults?
Answer: I think they become adults when they’re 16.
3. What age _____ the best age to become a parent? Why?
Answer: I think it’s when you’re 25 because you’re still strong.
4. Who do you think _____ more fun: small children or teenagers? Why?
Answer: I think it’s children because they play all the time.
5. What would you like _____ after you finish your education? Why?
Answer: I’d like to get a good job because I want to make money.
Task Four: Sam is asking Jennifer some questions about products she buys. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
1. What do you think is the worst age to be? Why?
Clear selection
2. At what age do you think people should leave home? Why?
Clear selection
3. What age is the best age to retire? Why?
Clear selection
4. Who do you think has more problems: teenagers or senior citizens? Why?
Clear selection
5. What would you like to do after you retire? Why?
Clear selection
Task Five: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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