Region 85 - Spring Coach Application
Spring Soccer is an AYSO soccer program that begins in February and ends in May. Unlike the fall season where teams are created by Division Coordinators, Spring coaches form their own teams by contacting players who played in the Region during the previous fall season. If room permits, players from the wait list may be drafted by coaches to complete their team.

Spring coaches must have been a head coach or assistant coach in the previous Fall season. Proper coaching certification for the age group, Safe Haven certification and Concussion Awareness Training are required.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2020 Spring Season.

Questions??? Please contact our Secondary Programs Staff (

Coach Information
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Division *
Age Group *
I was listed as either a HEAD Coach or ASSISTANT Coach during the current 2019 Fall Season. *
Age appropriate Coach Certification/Training is required for ALL Coaches and Assistant Coaches.
* 8U Coach and Assistant Coach must have 8U Coach Certification
* 10U Coach and Assistant Coach must have 10U Coach Certification
* 12U Coach and Assistant Coach must have 12U Coach Certification
* 14U Coach and Assistant Coach must have Intermediate Coach Certification
* 16U & 19U Coach/Assistant Coach must have Advanced Coach Certification

In addition, Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register each season as a volunteer in the AYSO/Blue Sombrero Registration system.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are also required to maintain current AYSO Safe Haven Certification and CDC Concussion Awareness Training.

Training and Certification courses can be found online at
AYSO ID Number (8 or 9 digit number listed on Coach ID Card) *
I have registered as a SPRING Coach volunteer in Blue Sombrero. *
Additional information you would like us to know.
Team Referee Requirement
Every Spring Team must have at least two (2) certified, active, and approved referees. Please list your Spring Season Team Referees below.
Referee #1 *
Referee #2 *
Recruiting & Team Formation
Coaches may recruit players only after they have received notice from the Region 85 Secondary Staff, informing them that their Spring Coach Application has been accepted and approved. Please note that each age group will have a cap on how many players each coach/team can recruit. This will allow the Region to place players who have parents that are Referees, Coaches, or Board Members. Any remaining roster openings will be assigned by the Region or by a Spring Draft of those listed on the wait list.

ALL players must register via the Region 85 website (Blue Sombrero).

10U teams will be allowed to recruit 6 players (4 players to be assigned by the Region or Spring Draft. Max roster size 10.)
12U teams will be allowed to recruit 8 players (4 players to be assigned by the Region or Spring Draft. Max roster size 12.)
14U teams will be allowed to recruit 10 players (5 players to be assigned by the Region or Spring Draft. Max roster size 15.)
16U and 19U teams do not have restrictions on the number of recruited players, however every effort will be made to place those wishing to play.

Each approved coach must submit a recruited player listing by December 10th. (Recruited players may only be those that participated in the Fall program).

Teams will be assembled AFTER the EXTRA Tryouts. (If a Coach loses a recruited player to an EXTRA Team, they will be allowed to recruit a replacement player, before the Team Selection Meeting.)

I agree to the above recruiting & team formation guidelines. *
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