Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Beat the Streets, Inc. (BTS) Is a Community Resource Center and has provided FREE Supportive Services for all ages for (16) years. We offer Education, Vocational, Life Skills and Re-Entry and Diversion Supportive Services to At-Risk Young Adults ages 11-29.  These services would not be possible without the support of volunteers like you. You will be making a substantial difference in the life of a young adults who are at-risk everyday in failing to achieve their full potential, rather than fall victim to the streets. From wanting to commit suicide, abuse from family, drug addicted, prostitution, sex trafficked, healing from rape/molestation, getting out of gang violence, growing up in/out of juvenile probation and/or prison, homeless and living in their cars, in need of clothing, food, and mental health therapy, they are in dire need of seeing there is hope and that help is on the way because there are people who truly care to assist in some way. COVID-19 has created isolation, these youth need to be inspired, taught life skills, prepare to achieve goals, learn to laugh, fellowship with others, and see that there are people that genuinely care about them. Due to the nature of our work, all volunteers must be 16-years & up (with parent consent) or older to apply to be considered for a volunteer role and complete a background check for a fee of $50. Please complete and submit the application. Please feel free to contact Maria Morales, Program Director either by e-email mmorales@beatthestreetsca.org or text (925) 446-7483 with any questions anytime. Not only do our young adults need your inspiration, your wisdom, your experience but our staff need you as well.  We are here to support you and look forward to having you as a part of the BTS Team.
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BTS must complete a background check for tutors and mentors when working with our at-risk young adults. The fee of $50 goes directly to our donations department, are you still interested in volunteering? *
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I would like ADOPT-A-YOUNG ADULT who is at-risk in need of clothing, shoes, back-pack, food, etc.
I understand that this is a Volunteer Application and acceptance will be based on an interview and referral process. The interview and screening process is described in detail below:
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this Volunteer Application. Beat the Streets, Inc. (BTS) acknowledges your time is VALUABLE; therefore, we do our ABSOLUTE best to accommodate you where you are at in your life and do our best to match you with the candidate that can fit your schedule, as well as our clients (Young Adults ages 11-29). We are excited to welcome you to our team and want to provide the support you will need to provide the best service experience, not only for you as our volunteer but for our clients as well.

A Volunteer Workshop Program Introduction will be conducted by the Program Director for you to attend, that is normally held during the week and/or on a Saturday between 12:00 - 4:00 for a 1-hour to accommodate your schedule either by zoom and/or in-person.  You will learn who we are and what we need from you as a Volunteer and to ask questions and address any concerns that you may have. If you are not able to attend the workshop, we can schedule a One-on-One Program Introduction by appointment. The key aspects of who we are seeking must be enthusiastic, compassionate, flexible, patient, and unjudgmental.

Our clients come from hardships of all kinds, from abusive parents, foster youth run-aways, domestic violence, homelessness, F-students who have IEP's and 504's, drop-out students who do not have any desire to complete their education, G.E.D. students, who derive from the age of 11 to 29. Our clients come from juvenile probation, parolees, and continuation schools from the 5-surrounding counties. We do NOT turn anyone away.

The volunteers that we DESPERATELY need are as follows:

English Language Arts and English Language Development
History / Social Science
Mathematics (Basic, Geometry, Algebra I, II, Precalculus/Calculus, Trigonometry)
Physical Education and Health & Wellness
Reading Comprehension
We welcome all educators

Blue Collar workers: Construction, Electrical, etc.
Medical: Instructors, doctors, nurses, CNA's, students, etc.
Counselors, Therapists
Law: Judges, lawyers, students, paralegals, legal assistants
Architecture and Engineers
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media professionals and students
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance business owners
Business and Financial Operations
Community and Social Services
Computer and Mathematical Occupations

*INTERNS are welcomed*

Knowledge of Expungement legal forms
Fundraising, knowledge of GoFundMe, social media platforms
Tech support
Human Resources
Create forms, letters, templates
Make phone calls
Parent Class assistant
Community outreach: phones, flyers
Event preparation and workshop support, host BTS table
Office cleaning, organize
Run errands
Google G-Drive Support
Research community resources
Legal support: documentation, forms
Research county court systems
Spanish, Farsi, Arabic translators

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Please send your resume to the Program Director at mmorales@beatthestreetsca.org to see where we can best place you within the organization.

We will contact you within five business days.The information you have provided here will NOT be shared with any entities/persons.

Anti-Discrimination Clause: Beat the Streets, Inc. does not discriminate in the recruitment and placement of volunteers on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age. The questions in this application are NOT intended to secure information that can be used in a discriminatory manner.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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