Semester 1 Feedback
As semester 1 draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the past few months. As our society grows bigger and (hopefully) better, we rely on member feedback to know how we can keep everyone as happy as possible.
Anything you want to see in the society, or anything that's bugging you about we currently run things, please let us know!
Feel free to mention anything that we do at the moment that you particularly like, so we can keep on doing it!
What events have you attended this past semester?
Where do you get your information about the society and our events?
How often do you make use of our discounts? (specify in 'Other' if you only use one of our discounts, which it is, and how often you use it)
What has the society done well on?
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What could the society improve on?
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Is there anything new you would like to see in our society?
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Additional Comments
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