Post Assessment for the webinar, "No Money? No Problem?" (presented live on 8/20/20)
Thank you for participating in the Gee Whiz Cohort webinar. This quiz is designed to evaluate your knowledge on content covered during the webinar.

IMPORTANT: After completing this assessment, you will see a link to download your Certificate of Attendance. You will want to save and/or print this out for your records. We will NOT be emailing a certificate to you. Thanks!
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True or False... Many common household materials can be used to create high-quality learning experiences. *
10 points
Which of the following items is NOT a household item that would be safe to use with children under the age of 3? *
10 points
Share an art experience you could plan for children that use plastic cups. *
True or False: There is no way you could use a laundry basket to promote learning. *
10 points
Which of the following is NOT a way you could you use slotted spoons to promote fine motor development? *
10 points
What experience could you plan for Toddlers that uses plastic mixing bowls? *
True or False: Styrofoam packing peanuts would be a safe material to use with children under the age of 3. *
10 points
Assume you are cleaning out your cupboards and you find an assortment of plastic lids that do not match any containers. How could you use these with children 3+? *
Which of the following is NOT an experience you could plan for children that uses placemats? *
10 points
How do you plan to use the information you learned during this webinar as you plan future activities and learning experiences for your group? *
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