Survey # 3 - Reforms Designed to Enhance Voter Power in General Elections
You will be asked to rate the impact of the reforms described on the following pages on a number of different criteria. When completing the survey, please keep in mind the following:

1. After you have rated the reforms on specific a criterion, you will be asked to provide comments to support your answers. We encourage you to react to FairVote's ratings (which will appear at the top of the page as an example) and cite scholarly sources as appropriate, particularly in cases in which your ratings or reasoning differ significantly from our own.

2. Please remember that you are rating the reforms only on their impact if adopted (without concern for the likelihood or feasibility of adoption), and also that you are not rating the proposals in comparison to the others presented alongside them, but by the absolute scale presented on each page of the survey.

3. Please review the background information for this survey's reforms and a list of relevant research here:
Keep this document open in a separate tab so you can refer back to it during the survey.

An important note: Following the descriptions of the reforms, you can save your responses and complete the form later by following using the instructions at the bottom of each page.

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