Bauman College Hands-on Kimchi Workshop (Saturday, 4/09 @ 3-5PM)

Hello Fermentation DeCal students! :)

Are you excited to make your own kimchi?

We've scheduled a session with our wonderful speaker Karen, for a super cool hands-on experience on making your own various kinds of sauerkrauts/kimchi!

Hope you all enjoyed her mini inspiring microbiome talk at our kombucha class! Check out her amazing work, company and her newly released book down here from the links:

Date: April 9,2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3 - 5 PM
Location: Bauman College, 1007 University Ave. Berkeley
Cost: $10/per, includes 3 recipes/handout on lacto-fermentation + students will take away one pint jar of
prepared vegetables to ferment at home.

Proposed timeline:

3 - 3:15 PM - Sign in and Intro.
3:15 - 4 PM - Prep veggies: chop, salt, massage veggies, add spices, etc.
4 - 4:30 - Pack prepared veggies into jars + tasting of sample ferments
4:30 - 5 - Wrap up/clean up

Please sign this form if you would like to participate.

***If you sign up for this field trip but do not show up it will count as an absence. If you have a very good reason for not being able to make it, please notify us at least one week before so we can inform the host. The host works hard to accommodate a large group like ours, so let’s be courteous and respectful to them as well. :) Remember that you are allowed a total of 2 absences to pass the class.***

Bus: 51B (Stop: San Pablo Av & University Av)

1. Street parking: Free street parking is available in the neighborhoods surrounding the school.
2. Metered Parking also available behind the building.

SIGN-UP BY: Thursday, 3/17, 11:59 PM
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