Internship at Da Huang Pictures 大荒电影 - 实习
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What do you want to do in Da Huang Pictures? 你想在大荒电影做什么? *
Tell us specifically what you think you can do for us. And what you want to do for yourself?
List down 10 of your favorite films (Make a clear list) 请清楚列出10部你最喜爱的电影 *
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We want to know if you have any idea why you are doing the internship now. What you want to do after this? Minimum 300 characters.
What you think is your strength? 你认为你的强项是什么?
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Acceptable 中
Good 强
Excellent 非常强
Producing 制作
Writing 写作
Directing 导演
Management 管理
Editing 影片剪辑
Accounting 会计
Business & Sales 营业与销售
Publicity 宣传
Graphic Design 设计
What is your expectation of work? What is the kind of work you would enjoy doing? 你对你工作的展望是什么?你喜欢从事那一类的工作?
What is your best skill? Tell us your secret talent! 你的强项是什么?把你隐藏着的天赋告诉我们吧! *
Maybe you are good at making coffee? Or you do stand up comedy, or you actually clown at party. Or you are a very good swimmer, or singer... Tell us, we want to know.
Writing Skill 语言能力
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Basic 基本
Intermediate 中级
Advanced 进阶
Excellent 特优
English 英文
Chinese 中文
Malay 马来文
Tamil 淡米尔文
French 法文
Japanese 日文
Korean 韩文
Please send us 3 links of your previous work, including writings, drawing, photography, short films, etc. 请把你的3个作品寄给我们 (包括写作、画作、摄影作品、短片等。)
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