Hinesburg Small Business Economic Recovery Survey
Thank you for completing this survey. This survey is meant to gauge how Hinesburg's small businesses are faring during this COVID-19 pandemic. The results will be used to determine the best ways the Town of Hinesburg can support our local businesses over the coming months.
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In what way has the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on your business? *
How many employees did you have immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? *
How many employees had to be laid off or furloughed? *
Are you self-employed or a contract employee? *
If yes, how has your business been impacted? (number of clients, billable hours, lost contracts, etc.)
Because of COVID-19, have you applied for unemployment? *
Have you applied for federal or state assistance? If so, under which programs? *
Do you need help understanding the SBA loan/grant programs currently offered to small businesses by the Federal Government? *
What recommendations do you have for the Town of Hinesburg to provide financial or other relief? *
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