looking for the best fit...

We have many many characteristics that may shape the best startUp for kiubick.

A good summary will be that a good kiubick entrepreneur has the feeling that:

1. I'm a strong leader || I can bring anybody on board...
2. We have really something unique || at least @ one dimention it's superb
3. We have a great potential || If assumptions prove right we are really going to rock it
4. We have a vision and we know what our role will be in this future || we have a plan
5. The model can grow || If we get to the first base, the rest will be "easy"
6. We are great, but we know we need help
7. We are not starting || our reasonable valuation is not below €500.000
8. We have time to act || we are not in a moneyrush-phase, we can focus on working
9. We have a case || we have issues to improve, we want to be supported by kiubick

We are really desperate about getting to know THE BEST projects on board, Those come from mature entrepreneurs that want to make the difference, from changemakers who follow a dream... Those that are "helpable"

if you found a venture that you feel meets the 9 points please tell us:
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