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To enable Godbey Creek to rescue more homeless and abandoned dogs, we ask you to consider an adoption fee of $300. Circumstances may dictate that we establish a different adoption fee which will be communicated during the adoption process.
Godbey Creek averaged $1040 per pet in 2016 including medical care, training, socialization, food and associated staff to care for the animals and handle adoptions. We also have six highly dependable and qualified individuals who donate considerable time supporting our rescue. Our site, facility and maintenance, other than electric or when a pet destroys property , is fully 100% donated as is the vehicle we use. However, caring for, adopting and transporting pets on site 24/7 does require staffing, food, cleaning supplies, labor and insurance. We have benchmarked other similar facilities and learned that, while our cost per animal is comparable, we take a great many more pets that require high medical costs or are geriatric or qualify as "hard to adopt". This means we do a lot for these animals and your dollars are spent wisely as we operate with very lean staffing comparatively. If pets are returned within two weeks of adoption due to personal circumstances, $200 will be returned. If pets are returned for a serious illness or aggressive behavior within two weeks of adoption, a total refund will be offered. When returning a pet, the adopter must make an appointment and complete a surrender form. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of any refund.
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