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We, at Lawchakra, understand how difficult it is to look for a lawyer, and find a suitable one who understands your issues. We are here to help! If there's any service you are looking for which is not available on the website but is required by you or pertains to a case in any jurisdiction other than Delhi/NCR, we will help you connect to the right lawyer.

Through our legal support program, you can speak to a lawyer, to
(1) discuss your issues and understand your legal remedies OR
(2) to file a case.

We will help you connect with a lawyer who matches your requirement, from a panel of lawyers across India who are attached to Lawchakra.

Also, please note that the lawyer we connect with you will charge fees unless you qualify for pro bono (free) services.


All our communications are recorded for internal administrative purposes.
Lawchakra aims to maintain confidentiality in all our communication without assuming any liability for the same.

Please sign up ONLY if you are ready to take action, because a lot of effort goes into this process and we aim to help you to the best of our abilities.

Once you fill this form and sign-up with Lawchakra, you will be getting a CONFIRMATION EMAIL on the email ID given by you. Please make sure that you reply to that email, since only then your entry will be confirmed.

You can use this form to sign-up for yourself or on behalf of someone else. If you are signing up on behalf of someone else, please make sure that all the details you provide below are of the person who will be availing this support.

Henceforth, the person who is availing our support is referred to as the 'signee'.
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Terms and Conditions

Kindly read and understand the following terms and conditions thoroughly.

Age: Lawchakra extends its assistance to people of age 18 years and above only.
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Medium of Communication: We are digital. All our communication will take place digitally (through email and telecommunication)
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No Professional Relationship: We, at Lawchakra, are a connecting party and aim to extend friendly assistance. This is not a professional service. We do not take any guarantee or responsibility for the conduct of the lawyer. On being connected to a lawyer, the action thereafter is solely the signee's conscious decision and Lawchakra will not be involved or take responsibility for any such action, taken by the signee.
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Consent: The signee is signing up with Lawchakra at their own free will, and there has been no form of solicitation by Lawchakra or its associates. Any action taken by the signee pursuant to their participation in Lawchakra is their responsibility.
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Status Quo: We are not an emergency or crisis helpline. We only aim to connect the signee with a suitable lawyer according to their requirements, but do not guarantee a connection
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Privacy Policy: We will be recording all communication under Lawchakra for internal administrative purpose including data analysis and impact measurement. Rest assured we will maintain confidentiality.
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Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstance shall Lawchakra, its associates, consultants and other members be liable for any action taken by the signee as a consequence of legal support received under Lawchakra.
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All the details given above are of the person who needs this legal support (i.e., the signee)
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Confirmation: Once you fill this form and sign-up with Lawchakra, you will be getting a confirmation email on the email ID given by you. Please make sure you reply to that email, only then your entry will be confirmed.
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